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  1. Bladed vs. Bladeless Lasik

    There seems to be some confusion about bladed and bladeless Lasik. You would think the procedures have vast differences in performance and results. But a more accurate comparison is simple. The difference is only how your surgeon performs the step to create the corneal flap. Other than that, the surgeries are essentially the same. Although…

  2. WillVision-iDesign

    The iDesign Wavefront Experience

    If you’re tired of wearing glasses or contacts everyday, it may be time for Lasik. With today’s technological advances and our state-of-the-art equipment, Bladeless Lasik with iDesign technology provides precise vision correction. Read our infographic below to learn more about its benefits. If you’re interested in Bladeless Lasik, contact us today.

  3. Discover Better Vision with Wavefront Technology

    LASIK surgery has come a long way since the first LASIK procedure was performed in the early 1990s. At Will Vision and Laser Centers we focus on offering the best in laser vision correction to our patients. Today, let’s learn about some of the technologies we use to enhance your vision through LASIK surgery, including…

  4. Can I Go Swimming After LASIK?

    Summer means lounging by the pool, but what if you’ve just had LASIK? Can you swim after LASIK? How long do you need to stay out of the water? Find out answers to your biggest post-LASIK swimming questions below. Can you have LASIK and a summer of swimming too? Swimming and Glasses- It Isn’t Always…

  5. woman wearing horn-rimmed glasses

    Glasses vs. LASIK

    Glasses or LASIK? If you ask us, hands down, LASIK wins every time. Don’t take our word for it though. Compare the two and see which option is best for you. If LASIK wins, give us a call and schedule your consultation at Will Vision & Laser Centers. We are the premier provider of refractive surgery…

  6. Old man with gray hair and beard wearing reading glasses

    Ditch the “Dad Glasses” and Get LASIK for Father’s Day

    Make your Father’s Day dreams come true this year and treat yourself to better vision. With LASIK, you can ditch those annoying glasses and contacts and discover your best vision. Dr. Will is a leading refractive surgeon, one of the best in the Pacific Northwest. We offer the best-of-the-best technologies in LASIK vision correction including Bladeless LASIK….