Can I Go Swimming After LASIK?

Summer means lounging by the pool, but what if you’ve just had LASIK? Can you swim after LASIK? How long do you need to stay out of the water? Find out answers to your biggest post-LASIK swimming questions below. Can you have LASIK and a summer of swimming too?

Swimming and Glasses- It Isn’t Always Fun in the Sun

Glasses and contacts can ruin a good day at the beach. You need your glasses to see, but they can make getting in the water and enjoying water activities very difficult. Swimming laps in glasses just doesn’t work. Contacts aren’t any better. It can be dangerous to swim with contacts in, in rare cases causing lasting vision loss or blindness. Swimming and playing in the water will be much easier and more comfortable after LASIK surgery.

Water Restrictions After LASIK

After LASIK you’ll have a few water restrictions during the healing process. This helps to ensure you heal properly and avoid complications. We’ll discuss these in-depth before surgery so you know what to expect. The amount of time you’ll need to stay out of the water varies, depending on the type of activity. Here’s a basic guide to some of the top water restrictions after LASIK. Get in touch with any questions you may have.

  • Showers and Baths- You can shower and bathe the day after your LASIK procedure. Be very careful to avoid getting soap or shampoo in the eyes until you’ve fully healed.
  • Swimming Pools– Stay out of swimming pools for 1-2 weeks after LASIK. Use goggles and avoid opening your eyes under water for about a month. The chlorinated water can dry the eyes out and lead to irritation.
  • Hot Tubs– Avoid hot tubs for about 2 weeks after LASIK.
  • Oceans/Lakes- Ocean and lake water may contain pathogens, leading to a slightly higher risk of infection after LASIK. Give yourself at least 2+ weeks before swimming in oceans, lakes, or rivers. Be careful when participating in high-impact water activities like water skiing and surfing. We recommend waiting until at least 3 weeks post-surgery and wearing appropriate eye protection.

After LASIK, summer swimming is going to be a lot more fun. You may have to miss a week or two at the beach this summer, but a lifetime of better vision is worth it. We offer many advanced vision correction solutions including Bladeless LASIK, and advanced corneal inlays. Contact us to schedule your LASIK consultation.