What If I Move?

Most patients about to have laser eye surgery are concerned that any inadvertent eye movement on their part will result in a suboptimal result. That might be true with some laser systems used at generic laser centers but not at Will Vision.

Our VISX Star S4 IR laser is the only system in the world capable of tracking the eye in 3 dimensions; the only system that corrects for intraoperative movement of the center of the pupil and; the only system that compensates for intraoperative rotational movement of the eye.

3-D Eye Tracking

Our eyes are built for speed and the ability to move in virtually any direction in an instant. Those features are great for surviving and thriving in a fast paced or even chaotic world. However, during laser eye surgery, not so much.

That is why at Will Vision and Laser Centers, we use only the most advanced 3D eye tracking system available anywhere in the world, capable of compensating for virtually all eye movements. Each laser pulse in your surgery plan is delivered accurately to the correct spot on your eyes. The results are truly amazing and no other laser platform available in the world can provide that level of accuracy except the VISX Star S4IR available at Will Vision and Laser Centers.

Tracks Eye Rotation

The human eye is constantly exhibiting very rapid darting movements at speeds capable of spinning the eye around in its socket twice in one second. The eyes can also cyclorotate, turning like the hands on a clock. Delivering even the best-laid laser vision correction plan under those circumstances is a daunting challenge.

So how do we compensate for eye rotation? Iris recognition technology. Preoperatively the diagnostic system captures a detailed image of your iris – the colored part of the eye. The treatment is then aligned or “registered” to the iris. During treatment, the laser matches up the features of your iris to the master plan and then delivers that laser plan with pinpoint accuracy.

The Future's Right Before Your Eyes!

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3-D Eye Tracking and Cyclotorsion Compensation is Not Optional

Seems rather intuitive, doesn’t it? However, at many other generic laser centers they don’t use iris registration technology and, as a result, even the most perfect of plans can go awry if your eye cyclorotates or moves during the actual procedure.

Having laser eye surgery may be the stuff of your dreams, but it shouldn’t keep you up at night. Precise eye measurements, the correct surgical plan and pinpoint iris registration for delivery of the treatment accurately and precisely are all critical to success. That’s why at Will Vision we believe that better technology leads to better results and better vision. Anything less is just unacceptable.

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