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Dr. Brian Will

Portland, OR Ophthalmologist
Dr. Will is a recognized international authority in the field of laser eye surgery. He has performed over 75,000 laser refractive procedures and, over the past two decades, he has lectured at every major scientific meeting world-wide on laser vision correction. His reputation for excellence and professionalism in the industry is unparalleled in the region. Dr. Will is the only refractive surgeon in the Pacific Northwest area elected to Best Doctors in America. In addition, we are the only Center of Excellence for Johnson and Johnson Vision®, Carl Zeiss®, and CorneaGen® in the Pacific Northwest.

Our Amazing Patients

Dr. Will with patients after treatment for nearsightedness and farsightedness

Before the surgery, I was nearsighted and farsighted. After the surgery, it was like instant success. I woke up the next day and I could see distance and I could see close up right away. I highly recommend this surgery to everyone because it really is like a miracle and you don’t have to wear glasses anymore. You feel like you have your eyes that you had when you were a kid.

Michael Allen Harrison
Will Vision & Laser Centers patient testimonial after IntraLASIK

Dr. Will has invested in IntraLASIK technology which ensures the most precise and thinnest flap possible. I just had my procedure yesterday morning and am writing this today, I am almost in tears because I am free of my coke bottle glasses and contacts!!! I highly recommend Will Vision clinic and will refer everyone I know who is looking into LASIK to go meet with him and his incredible staff!



Dr. Will offers only the most advanced technology in LASIK vision correction, including Wavefront-Guided LASIK, Bladeless, Lifestyle LASIK, and Custom IntraLASIK to help you enjoy a life free from glasses and contact lenses. Our vision solutions offer the highest levels of precision in both preoperative measurements and surgical technique thereby ensuring that each person attains their best possible visual outcome.  With our 3D wavefront mapping that is 25 times more accurate than contact lenses and glasses, we can assure our patients that their treatment plans achieve an unparalleled level of accuracy and objectivity. Patients particularly love bladeless LASIK, which is the safest, most effective all-laser procedure specifically designed to correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

Using reading glasses may seem like a quick fix for the vision problems associated with presbyopia (the loss of reading ability that occurs with advancing age), but readers often prove to be more problematic than helpful. They seem to never be where you need them and are frequently lost, smudged, or broken. With vision solutions at Will Vision that include the innovative LifeStyle Lasik procedure, patients affected by presbyopia no longer need to use reading glasses or monovision contact lenses to see objects in the distance or close-up. LifeStyle Lasik, a procedure found exclusively at Will Vision and Laser Centers, combined with more traditional blended vision laser vision correction options, set Dr. Will apart as an industry-recognized innovator with the experience and expertise needed to help patients achieve a better quality of life without the need for readers. In validation of the Will Vision paradigm of surgical excellence, CorneaGen®, has recognized Dr. Will and his team by designating Will Vision as a Center of Excellence, the only such center in the entire Pacific Northwest.

Dry eye is a common and frustrating eye condition that causes irritated eyes, blurred vision, redness and general eye discomfort. In the past, treatments for dry eye were limited to lubricating eye drops or expensive prescription medications. With today’s advances in technology and our scientific understanding of dry eye, this has now changed. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we provide the most advanced medical solutions available for the treatment of dry eye and, as a result, can often markedly reduce the frustrations caused by dry eye and the dependency on expensive eye drops. With our MiBo ThermoFlo®, LipiView®, LipiFlow® and Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Systems, we offer treatments that create a healthy tear film that lubricates the eyes naturally. A healthy tear film composed of your own natural tears rather than artificial chemicals soothes the eyes, creates a superior optical surface and improves vision. Visit us today to take the first steps towards reshaping how dry eye affects your life and ocular health.

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The Will Vision

Our patients and our team – together we share a common goal of achieving your personal best vision. Our passion, our focus, and our business are built around this principle. That passion demands that we invest all our talents and resources in our patients and in an unrelenting pursuit of the most advanced laser eye surgery technologies available. Advanced technology and unparalleled surgical skill are all delivered in an atmosphere where patient experience and visual results are paramount. We are recognized by our patients and peers as the destination in the Pacific Northwest for those that desire to achieve their best personal vision.

But what truly distinguishes us from every other laser vision center in Portland is our passion for personal vision perfection for every person that walks through our doors. Our patient-first passion propels us towards that goal of creating a lifetime of amazing clear vision for every patient. Daily, we get to share in the joy experienced by our patients from Portland and around the Pacific Northwest as they achieve clear natural vision through LASIK surgery.

The Future’s Right Before Your Eyes

We are excited you are taking the first step toward the miracle of a life free from glasses and contacts. After your procedure, we fully expect you to experience superior vision and quality of life that is measurably better than you have ever experienced before. Your personal best vision is our only goal. Come visit us today and See the Difference.