Advanced iFS Femtosecond Laser

The iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser: Better Technology, Results, and Vision

In modern medical technology, faster is often better. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, our iFS® laser is more than twice as fast as the previous, fourth generation system. This increased speed allows Dr. Will to reduce the energy used in laser vision correction. Treatment is, therefore, significantly gentler to the tissue surrounding the area where the laser is focused. Reduced energy means fewer thermal effects, less swelling, and simply healthier, happier corneas.

Our commitment is to our patients and to achieve their best possible vision. To that end, we continuously invest in the best technology available, including the iFS® laser.

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What is the iFS® Femtosecond Laser?

The iFS® Advanced Femtosecond Laser is a sophisticated laser system used in surgical treatments including LASIK that allows for complete customization of the procedure. It is manufactured by Johnson and Johnson®, a trusted name in health products. In general, a femtosecond laser is considered a short-pulse laser, as it delivers quick bursts of energy that only last for a femtosecond – one quadrillionth of a second. This incredibly short pulse duration is what gives this laser its speed and power to create new shapes within the cornea and other tissues.

The technology used in the iFS® laser system allows Dr. Will to have complete control of your entire procedure, down to the finest surgical detail. As a result of this precision and customization, patients experience fewer side effects, such as the dry eye, that were common with outdated systems. Patients can benefit from this leading-edge technology for several procedures, including LASIK vision correction and cataract surgery.

As every patient is different and has a unique eye shape, it’s essential to provide treatment that can be adjusted to their specific needs. The iFS® Advanced Femtosecond laser does exactly that, creating the right treatment plan for every patient, every time. This system has been used in millions of successful surgeries, and Dr. Will is proud to offer this modern technology to his patients.

Dr. Will

Dr. Brian Will is dedicated to quality care and his patients receive the personalized attention and visual results they need and deserve. Dr. Will provides a safe, effective, and accurate approach to patient diagnosis and treatment.

Why Choose a High-Speed Laser for LASIK Vision Correction?

There are several advantages to higher laser speed. Faster lasers mean reduced treatment time and reduced time that the vacuum ring is on the eye and less time under the vacuum means less exposure to an elevated intraocular pressure. From the patient’s perspective, the vacuum ring is the most uncomfortable part of the procedure, so less time under suction creates a significantly more comfortable experience. Healthier and happier corneas heal more predictably, and the vision clears more rapidly.

An additional significant advantage of the iFS® technology over older and less advanced femtosecond lasers is that it produces less dry eye than any other method for performing LASIK.  With the iFS®, we find postoperative dry eye to be virtually a thing of the past.

With older laser systems that use higher laser energies, there is a rare patient who will demonstrate a temporary sensitivity to light after their procedure. Although this side effect is generally easily treated with eye drops, this light sensitivity risk is reduced with the iFS® due to our ability to use laser energy efficiently.

At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we have consistently led the industry in the adoption of the most advanced electronic innovations for the sole purpose of improving surgical results. The iFS® system continues that commitment by delivering highly innovative technological developments in both laser and computer technology including an enhanced dual touch screen video display for both the surgeon and assistant that improves surgical accuracy and efficiency.

Superior Healing and Corneal Strength

One of the major innovations that the iFS® system provides is the ability to create improved architecture at the treatment site, which reduces the incidences of unwanted surgical complications. In both human eye studies and rabbit eye studies, the effect created by the iFS® laser is determined to create superior healing and corneal strength.

At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we continue to invest in the most advanced technologies because we believe that fewer potential complications such as eye dryness and a stronger eye represent significant advantages for patients undergoing elective LASIK eye surgery.

Customized LASIK Treatment in Portland with the iFS® Laser

An additional major innovation for the iFS® laser is its ability to customize treatment to the natural shape and curvature of the eyes. Virtually every cornea is oval-shaped, and the software and hardware of the iFS® laser allow Dr. Will to match his surgical strategy to compensate for this oval eye shape. This results in better preservation of corneal nerves and protects the surrounding tissue.

These advancements of the latest iFS® laser are particularly beneficial when treating patients with astigmatism. Patients with this common vision issue require a treatment plan that takes their oval-shaped eye architecture into account, as well as the best location to begin treatment with the excimer laser. In more complex cases like farsightedness with astigmatism, factoring in the oval shape of the eye significantly improves Dr. Will’s ability to deliver the ideal treatment.

Most importantly, when it comes to post LASIK optical characteristics, the smoother the surface, the better the visual quality. Each generation of femtosecond laser has delivered smoother tissue, primarily due to faster laser speed. The fifth generation iFS® laser used at Will Vision and Laser Centers delivers significantly superior smoothness and higher vision quality, compared to previous generations of the technology.

The Future's Right Before Your Eyes!

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Better Technology, Better Results, Better Vision – iFS Lasers in Portland

Faster surgery with fewer complications, less dryness, superior healing, and a stronger eye provide our patients with the best opportunity to have a great clear vision. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we believe that excellent surgical results cannot be attained using yesterday’s technologies. We invest in our patients, and our consistently excellent visual results validate that commitment.

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