Treatment for Dry Eye

Treatment for Chronic Dry Eye Near Portland, OR

Chronic dry eye can be highly frustrating and expensive to treat using eye lubricants and medicines, with prescriptions such as Xiidra® or Restasis® frequently costing over $500 per month.

At Will Vision, we are at the forefront of the most effective diagnostic and treatment modalities for our patients. We have found MiBo ThermoFlo® and LipiFlow® treatments to be an invaluable tool in ensuring that our patients can attain their personal best vision. No other LASIK center in the region has the MiBoFlo® or Tear Science® diagnostic or therapeutic systems to ensure happy and healthy eyes both before and after your procedure.

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What Causes Dry Eye?

The human tear film consists of three layers – mucin on the eye surface, water in front of the mucin, and a layer of oil on the surface. The meibomian glands, located on our eyelids, secrete the oils that lubricate the eye, reduce evaporation of tears, and stabilize the water layer – helping it to remain balanced between blinks. Due to current lifestyles, which involve the use of prolonged exposure to computer screens, these glands described above frequently become blocked – even in young patients. The images from our advanced LipiView® imaging system seen below demonstrate common problems with the meibomian glands including blockage, gland tortuosity and total gland loss.

LipiScan meibomian gland imaging at Will Vision & Laser Centers

Dr. Will

Dr. Brian Will is dedicated to quality care and his patients receive the personalized attention and visual results they need and deserve. Dr. Will provides a safe, effective, and accurate approach to patient diagnosis and treatment.

Modern and Effective Treatments for Dry Eye

With over 30 million people suffering from chronic dry eye in the United States, no one solution fits all.  On one end of the treatment spectrum, there are lubricating eye drops and eye medications, which are convenient and provide short-term relief; on the other end, patients can choose MiBo ThermoFlo® or LipiFlow® as one of the longest-lasting and higher-end treatments available.

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Dr. Will’s expertise and his committed to providing modern, effective technology allow us to create a customized treatment plan for patients with dry eye caused by meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD). If you’re living with the discomfort and hassle of chronic dry eye, you have options. Contact Will Vision & Laser Centers today for a consultation!

Dry Eye Treatments FAQs

What causes dry eye?

The most common cause of dry eye is the natural aging process that can reduce the amount of moisture your tear glands naturally produce. Autoimmune disorders, medications, and anything else that promotes dryness can also be a factor. Meibomian gland blockage can reduce oil production, causing moisture to evaporate. Infrequent blinking or living in an area with windy conditions can also contribute to dry eye, and so can spending too much time looking at screens on tablets, phones, or computers.  

What are the symptoms of dry eye?

Patients who have dry eye experience one or more of the following symptoms: redness, dryness, eye fatigue, discomfort and irritation, excessive tearing, grittiness, sensitivity to light, discharge, feeling of foreign body sensation, burning or stinging sensation, and vision disturbances. The best way to verify if your symptoms are because of dry eye is to schedule an examination with a board-certified ophthalmologist to be correctly diagnosed and learn about your treatment options.

What kind of condition is dry eye?

Dry eye is not a specific condition, but a syndrome or set of associated illnesses having to do with the lack of eye lubrication or moisture. It is related to imbalance or insufficiency in the tear film that usually covers the eye.

Why do my eyes always tear up after I’ve been diagnosed with dry eye?

Many patients are surprised to learn that although their eyes may regularly water, they are dry. Although excessive tearing seems unlikely, it is a common symptom of dry eye. When the eyes don’t retain enough moisture due to inadequate tear production, tear drainage issues, or rapid tear evaporation, they may start producing an excessive amount of tears to compensate.

What are the meibomian glands?

Oil-producing glands in your eyelids are meibomian glands. These glands may become blocked without producing enough oil, which can contribute to dry eye. Oils, or lipids, are a critical component of tears, that help keep the eyes moist and prevent tear evaporation. Restoring a regular oil flow usually improves dry eye symptoms.

Is there a cure for dry eye?

Unfortunately, no. Dry eye is a chronic disease that is manageable through regular treatments. Medical technology has advanced throughout the last decade, offering new protocols for dry eye symptom relief and to prevent the condition from progressing. Dr. Will provides his patients comprehensive testing and treatment regimens to battle the chronic effects of dry eye.