Discover Better Vision with Wavefront Technology

LASIK surgery has come a long way since the first LASIK procedure was performed in the early 1990s. At Will Vision and Laser Centers we focus on offering the best in laser vision correction to our patients. Today, let’s learn about some of the technologies we use to enhance your vision through LASIK surgery, including Wavefront technology.

Better Technology, Better Results

Even if you’re not a math expert, we’ve got a formula for better vision that is pretty easy to understand: Best Technology, Best Results, Best Vision. By using the best available technologies, we can deliver surgical outcomes that are far superior to the vision results and safety metrics of glasses and contacts. We take technology seriously and strive to always bring the best to our patients. We are pioneers in the field of refractive surgery, adopting new technologies that we carefully vet using peer reviewed data. If it is the best, we bring the technology into our practice. If not, we simply don’t use it. Our technology is one of the reasons that we’re the premier LASIK provider in the Pacific Northwest.

iDesign- 25 Times More Accurate and 100% Objective

One of the most nerve-wracking parts of LASIK surgery is the eye exam before the procedure. Many patients worry that they’ll make a mistake when choosing the clearer picture between two images. With iDesign, we can achieve measurements that are 25 times more accurate and 100% objective. It also helps us measure and treat sources of vision loss that are not correctible using glasses or contact lenses.

iDesign is a newer technology, introduced in 2013, and isn’t seen in most laser centers. Its sensitive sensor technology is identical to that in the James Webb Deep Space Telescope to be launched by NASA in 2018.  It’s accuracy is truly “out of this world”. Many LASIK providers still use older CustomVue technology. iDesign is 5x more accurate than CustomVue and is very robust and capable of measuring more complex focusing errors. Its advanced treatment algorithms are based on years of data, enabling us to produce a superior visual result. You may get great results with CustomVue, but don’t you want the best possible results?

Bladeless LASIK- The Gold Standard in LASIK Surgery

We introduced “Bladeless LASIK”, also known as all-laser LASIK to the Pacific Northwest in 2002, shortly after its FDA-approval. Bladeless LASIK is the gold standard in laser surgery, recognized around the world as the safest and most advanced method for LASIK surgery. With Bladeless LASIK, only laser energy is used for the entire procedure. In traditional LASIK, a steel microkeratome was initially used to cut open the eye’s surface and laser energy was used to shape and refine the eye.

Bladeless LASIK provides safer, more accurate LASIK results. Most of the severe, sight threatening LASIK complications are eliminated with Bladeless LASIK and we are able to achieve high levels of vision correction. Virtually all patients achieve 20/20 vision after surgery, with the majority of patients achieving even better results. Many patients enjoy 20/15 and even 20/12.5 vision after surgery. Using a laser to cut the corneal flap prepares the eye surface for the second portion of the procedure by creating a smoother corneal bed.

The U.S. Military only allows Bladeless LASIK for its pilots because it is the best. It is safer, more effective, and carries fewer risks.

Wavefront Guided LASIK- Because No Eye Is Perfect

In a perfect world, all eyes would be completely round. In reality, most eyes are football shaped, with some degree of simple or complex aberrations. This causes vision to appear smudged or blurry, rather than crisp and clear. Wavefront technology was created to help us visualize the aberrations in your eyes. We use the iDesign system to visualize any wavefront aberrations and Bladeless LASIK to correct those aberrations. The result is Wavefront guided Bladeless LASIK – the best vision correction option available.

Before Wavefront technology was available, LASIK surgery could only correct simple refractive errors, providing a similar effect to wearing glasses or contacts. By using Wavefront technology and advanced vision correction options like iDesign and Bladeless LASIK, we can do much more than just correct vision. We can improve vision, often beyond naturally occurring levels. We can produce LASIK results that are superior to results that can be achieved using glasses or contacts.

Before your LASIK procedure, we’ll create a 3-D Wavefront map of your eye. This map will show the areas where you have refractive errors. By using this map, we can treat each refractive error individually.

We are proud of our leading edge technology! Come in and let us show you the possibilities for better vision. Schedule your consultation today at Will Vision and Laser Centers, the premier LASIK provider in the Pacific Northwest.