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iDesign® Wavefront Laser Vision Correction in Portland, OR

The development of Wavefront technology has created significant improvements in the safety and quality of the vision delivered by today’s advanced laser vision correction. The iDesign® Wavefront from Johnson and Johnson Vision® is the industry leader, by a significant margin. This laser technology provides customized and effective treatment for nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and higher order aberrations by taking the eye’s natural, but often slightly irregular shape into account.

Patients that have problems focusing on either distant or near tasks typically use glasses and contacts to enjoy clear vision in everyday life, but these solutions do not provide a truly customized treatment that matches the unique shape of their eyes and corrects their distinctive vision issues. To measure all the visual irregularities in the human visual system, you’ll need something more advanced than the now archaic technique of “is one or two better?” that you often experience at a typical eye exam. The only method to measure complicated vision abnormalities in a comprehensive manner is with Wavefront technology.

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How iDesign Wavefront Technology Works

If we held a photograph in front of a perfect eye, all light coming off that photograph and entering the pupil would come to an exact point on the back of the eye, at the retina. Delivering such a perfect result through laser vision correction is complicated because not only do virtually all eyes exhibit a slight football shape (called astigmatism), they also have some degree of anomalies that cannot be corrected with either glasses or contact lenses. In such cases, the light that is focused on the back of the eye would be smeared or smudged, rather than being in a single point. If we examined the distortion of light from an eye that needs contacts and glasses in 3-D, the warped image of light in front of the eye would be distorted in the shape of a potato chip – with each chip-shape unique to that individual eye. This chip-shape would be as unique to that eye as a fingerprint is to a person.

The Wavefront technology used to measure your eye (called an aberrometer) captures the 3-D profile (or map) of this chip-shape. Surgeons examine these shapes to group them into categories based on similar characteristics. For example, some shapes might look like a sombrero while others might look like a taco. The laser profile is then defined based on the actual shape of this 3-D map. This data guides the Vision Star S4 IR laser which functions much like a printer to deliver this highly unique optical solution to reshape your cornea. Once this highly customized laser treatment pattern is completed, the new corneal shape should bring light into proper focus and with much greater accuracy and fidelity than is possible with glasses or contacts.

The new clear focus will produce the best vision quality and have the least side effects, such as halo or glow around lights.

Dr. Will

Dr. Brian Will is dedicated to quality care and his patients receive the personalized attention and visual results they need and deserve. Dr. Will provides a safe, effective, and accurate approach to patient diagnosis and treatment.

Understanding the Benefits of Wavefront-Guided Laser Vision Correction

Custom, Wavefront-guided LASIK is revolutionizing our ability to perform laser cornea reshaping by making the process more accurate than ever before. Think of it like current digital technology; you’re familiar with the high quality of images provided by HD televisions compared to standard systems. The program content is the same, but the image clarity is worlds apart. That’s the type of difference that we can observe with Wavefront guided LASIK compared to conventional LASIK surgery.

Complex abnormalities in vision, which are unique to you, can be precisely measured using a Wavefront device that creates your optical fingerprint. The data created by Wavefront can be sent digitally to the laser to create an extremely complex and accurate treatment, effectively correcting all optical irregularities present in the visual system. This high-resolution, 3-D, custom treatment allows us to provide you with your best personal vision and often exceeds that of glasses, contacts, and older LASIK surgery.

Wavefront guidance provides the following:

  • A higher quality of personal vision for both day and night time
  • Consistently superior night vision
  • Enhanced vision quality outcomes similar to the difference between a high-definition television image to that of standard definition
  • Measurably reduces the chance of needing a laser enhancement compared to standard LASIK

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Correction of Complex Vision Irregularities

Before the development of Wavefront technology, laser vision correction had only been able to treat simple focusing errors, such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. However, with the development of CustomVue® and the more recent iDesign® Wavefront diagnostic systems, this is no longer true. When these technologies are combined with advanced lasers, we can treat complex irregularities and deliver vision solutions that are superior to that produced by glasses or contact lenses.

Even if present in only small degrees, complex anomalies can cause blurred vision, halos, or glare around lights at night. Wavefront technology, however, can measure all the vision irregularities created by even the most “optically deformed” eyeball and provide a detailed map that can be used to create a customized laser treatment pattern. This pattern can fix all the vision irregularities caused by the deformed optics found within the eye and deliver a degree of optical clarity superior to what you would experience with other laser vision solutions.

Wavefront vs. Glasses and Contact Lenses

Virtually all eyes demonstrate some degree of vision problems due to complex irregularities. Imagine an eye that is football-shaped but has some of the air let out. Due to the lack of symmetry, and depending on how this deflated football is deformed, you can imagine how difficult it would be to create a pair of glasses or contact lenses that would completely correct this abnormality.

Glasses and contact lenses correct poor vision by assuming that the eye is either perfectly round like a basketball or oval-shaped like a football. In practice, eyes never follow these assumptions. As a result, glasses and contact lenses only estimate the actual lens needed to restore perfect vision. Even though a person may see 20/20 with glasses, most have unwanted visual noise in the form of night glare and blur caused by these imperfect vision treatments.

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Choose the iDesign® for Laser Vision Correction in Portland, OR

Applying a new profile to the cornea is challenging and requires the use of advanced technology. Constant movement and rotation of the eye, as well as the changing position of the pupil, make treatment highly complex. Compensation for the eye and pupil movements are performed using a complex iris recognition system, so that the treatment is dynamically aligned with the moving human eye. Highly accurate eye tracking with iDesign® Wavefront precisely follows even small eye movements to ensure that each laser pulse lands on the correct location on the cornea.

With all these factors accounted for, treatment based upon Wavefront technology provides superior vision correction, compared to that achieved by glasses, contact lenses, and non-Wavefront laser treatments.

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