Vision improvement is critical for many people residing in the Vancouver, WA, and Salem, OR communities. Whether it’s surgical intervention or dry eye therapy, your eyes are a vital organ that should be assessed and treated regularly. Will Vision & Laser Centers offer vision correction with revolutionary technology, trusted care from one of this country’s leading refractive surgeons, Dr. Brian Will, and dedicated staff offering friendly and compassionate care.

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Wavefront technology combined with pre-treatment mapping provides our patients fantastic vision quality. It is the safest technique available, offering optimal visual benefits. This vision enhancement has been clinically shown to deliver better outcomes from standard and custom Lasik procedures. Its laser precision creates the smoothest surface possible with ideal vision creation. Learn more.

Whether you are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism, custom IntraLASIK provides clear vision unequaled by traditional Lasik. Similar to the Hubble telescope, this Wavefront-guided laser treatment is an optical upgrade customized to correct all aberrations to your eyes. The treatment is flexible to reduce or eliminate distortions specific to your particular eye anatomy. Learn more.

Also known as all-laser Lasik, Bladeless Lasik performs laser correction solely using laser energy for the entire procedure. Now that all things have changed thanks to Bladeless technology, the process represents the best-of-the-best and is an excellent advancement for critical cases. Learn more.

PRK (Photorefractive keratectomy) is the original laser vision correction treatment. As a surgical correction, PRK has undergone continual refinement, making itself among the advanced vision correction solutions of today. While PRK is less widespread than LASIK, there are many situations where this technology is the recommended course of action to deliver the best results for your personal vision. Learn more.

Treating chronic dry eye can be expensive and frustrating using eye lubricants and medicines, with prescriptions like Restasis or Xidra frequently costing over $500 monthly. With over thirty million people suffering from chronic dry eyes in America, there is no single solution.  There are lubricating eye drops and eye medications on one side of the treatment spectrum. These provide convenient and short-term relief.  On the other end, patients may choose longer-lasting and more expensive treatments. Learn more.

Lifestyle LASIK is a straightforward adaptation of successful LASIK surgery. It is designed to correct presbyopia and treat aging eyes. This technique demonstrates many advantages over alternative treatments like monovision. Learn more.

Finding the proper treatment for nearsightedness initially requires an eye exam. Dr. Brian Will can determine the nearsighted severity and discuss available treatments. Most of our nearsighted patients regain clear vision from optical solutions like wearing glasses or contacts or choosing advanced technology like wavefront-guided refractive eye surgery. The earlier treatment is pursued, the better you can avoid the challenge of poor vision. Learn more.

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