Wavefront-Guided Bladeless LASIK

Wavefront Guided Bladeless LASIK in Portland, OR

At Will Vision and Laser Center, we only offer technology that is considered the best-of-the-best. While many generic, corporate visions centers claim to offer advanced LASIK, what you may be getting is average-quality care with an outdated laser operated by a specialist with less experience than you’d like.

When you visit Dr. Brian Will and his team for LASIK surgery in Portland, you will receive world-class care from one of the most respected names in vision correction surgery, as well as Bladeless Wavefront-Guided Lasik – the gold-standard in laser vision correction. Dr. Will and Will Vision have received industry accolades including being selected as a Center of Excellence by Johnson and Johnson Vision®, CorneaGen® and Zeiss®. Dr. Will and his team of seasoned professionals have one goal – to ensure your personal best vision.

Customizing your Bladeless LASIK Procedure with Wavefront Technology

The development of Wavefront technology has been central to driving improvements in conventional Lasik laser vision correction, providing a level of visual clarity that glasses and contact lenses cannot match. Wavefront guided Lasik, using the iDesign platform, provides a level of vision that is unparalleled in the industry by defining a precise, 3D model of your specific eye structure and its unique optical characteristics. This pre-treatment mapping is the critical information that is the basis for your custom Lasik procedure plan. It is also five times more accurate than all previous generations of Wavefront technology found at competing centers, 25 times more accurate than glasses or contact lenses, and it measures sources of blurred vision that glasses or contacts cannot correct.

The combination of these advantages provides patients at Will Vision and Laser Centers with truly amazing vision quality following their Wavefront-Guided bladeless LASIK procedure. Today, more than 2,000 surgeons worldwide have incorporated the bladeless LASIK method into their practices. In fact, all the top U.S. ophthalmic teaching institutes use the bladeless LASIK laser technology to train future generations of LASIK surgeons.

Dr. Will

Dr. Brian Will is dedicated to quality care and his patients receive the personalized attention and visual results they need and deserve. Dr. Will provides a safe, effective, and accurate approach to patient diagnosis and treatment.

The Safest Technique Available, Better Visual Results

Improving the safety of the procedure is only one of the many benefits bladeless LASIK offers. This method of vision enhancement has also been shown clinically to deliver better visual outcomes in both standard and custom LASIK procedures with more patients achieving visual acuity of 20/20, 20/15 and even 20/12.5. These remarkable results are the product of the optimized technology which is instrumental to the treatment process. The precision of the laser creates the smoothest treatment surface possible, thereby providing ideal vision correction.

Bladeless Wavefront Guided LASIK – The Only System Trusted by the US Military

Don’t just take our word for it. The US military exclusively treats it aviators and war fighters with bladeless Wavefront-guided LASIK, the identical technology used at Will Vision and Laser Centers. The US military considers this method indispensable for enhancing the sight of personnel involved in the performance of critical military operations. It is also the technology used by NASA to treat astronauts, scientists, engineers that are traveling to the weightless environment in the International Space Station.

Bladeless LASIK in Portland – Today’s Gold Standard

Will Vision and Laser Centers introduced bladeless LASIK, alternatively known as all-laser LASIK, to the Pacific Northwest in 2002. Today, this method of performing laser vision correction is recognized world-wide as the most advanced and safest method of LASIK surgery. Patients who are intimidated by traditional vision correction surgery don’t have to worry about manual tools used in their procedure; bladeless LASIK uses only lasers to correct complex vision problems.

The VisuMax® and iFS® femtosecond lasers used at Will Vision and Laser Centers are the most advanced lasers in the world. Generating up to 500,000 pulses per second, they are nearly 10 times faster and use nearly 10 times less energy than the comparable lasers used at competing centers. The reduced energy markedly decreases injury to the delicate nerves and living cells, which results in improved healing and significantly less postoperative dry eye, compared to alternative systems.

What to Expect During your LASIK Procedure

Dr. Will understands that refractive surgery can be intimidating, and patients are worried about what to expect on the day of their procedure. However, this advanced laser technology is comfortable and can be completed much faster than you may expect. On the day of your procedure, you will sit back and relax as a microscope is positioned near your eye. Lasers (light energy) are applied to complete the vision correction portion of your procedure. You will only be in the treatment chair for a few minutes, and while the laser system may make some sounds, you won’t feel anything touching your eye, nor will you experience any discomfort.

Our patients are pleasantly surprised at how easy the entire process is. Recovery is simple and involves resting in our office for a few minutes to allow Dr. Will to examine your eyes after your procedure. Your vision will be temporarily fuzzy, but this lasts only a few hours and you will be sent home with medicated drops and complete at-home recovery instructions to ensure a positive experience. Virtually all patients resume their normal daily activities the following day. But if you want to take the day off for a trip to the beach with your family or friends, that’s just fine too.

Results from your Bladeless LASIK

Patients can expect their vision to be slightly blurry while they heal from their procedure; however, this resolves over the course of a few days. Dr. Will welcomes patients back into his office the day following their treatment to evaluate the healing process and provide further instructions, if necessary. Patients can expect their healing process to follow the rule of threes; you will notice an improvement in three hours. After three days, and then three weeks, you’ll notice additional changes to clarity. At the three-month mark, vision is considered stable and results are mature.

Be sure to follow all Dr. Will’s instructions for after care, such as avoiding getting water in your eyes and wearing eye makeup for several weeks and using all prescribed medications.

Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK Eye Surgery in Portland

Our patients get back to work quickly after their Wavefront LASIK treatments. Most only miss work for a single day, which is treatment day. After treatment day, you should be able to participate in most of your daily activities with minimal restrictions.

Dr. Will provides detailed after-care instructions to his LASIK patients. You’ll have very few restrictions after treatment, but one of the most important is to avoid getting water in the eyes for several weeks. We ask our patients to avoid swimming until they are cleared by Dr. Will after their surgery, usually about two weeks post-surgery.

Dr. Will is known to provide some of the best LASIK results in the Pacific Northwest. Many of our LASIK patients achieve 20/20 vision or better. Some patients will still need glasses or contacts, but often our patients can enjoy swimming, reading, hiking, climbing, and running without the hassle of corrective lenses.

LASIK is not recommended during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Hormonal changes during this time can impact your vision and temporarily change its shape, making it difficult to achieve long-lasting results. Additionally, the medications used during and after LASIK aren’t tested on pregnant women and may be unsafe for a developing fetus. We recommend waiting until you’re no longer pregnant or breastfeeding to schedule your LASIK consultation with Dr. Will.

LASIK is an investment in your vision. Costs vary, depending on the difficulty of your procedure. To help our patients afford this investment in good vision, we offer 0% financing and affordable monthly payments. Contact us to learn more about your cost and financing options for Salem, OR, and Vancouver, WA LASIK surgery.

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