Glasses vs. LASIK

Glasses or LASIK? If you ask us, hands down, LASIK wins every time. Don’t take our word for it though. Compare the two and see which option is best for you. If LASIK wins, give us a call and schedule your consultation at Will Vision & Laser Centers. We are the premier provider of refractive surgery in the Pacific Northwest and can correct many vision problems including astigmatism and high degrees of nearsightedness or farsightedness.

The Pros and Cons of Glasses

Glasses are one of the most common options for correcting vision. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of this popular option.

  • Easy to Use- Just put them on and they start working.
  • Many Types and Styles- Choose the type and style of glasses that best meet your needs and personality. Tons of variety is available.
  • Most People Can Use Them– Glasses can be used by almost anyone, adults, children, and even infants.
  • Can be Used Intermittently– Glasses can be out on and taken off as needed. Use them only when you need them.
  • Difficult to Exercise– Glasses can complicate exercise. They easily fall off, can’t be used during some activities (like swimming), and may get sweaty.
  • Irritating in Bad Weather– Rain, snow, and dust are frustrating in glasses.
  • Can’t See Without Them- Glasses are very effective when you have them on, but take them off to go to bed, swim, or shower and you’ll no longer have vision correction. Glasses only work when you’re wearing them.
  • Affordable- Glasses can be very affordable. Depending on your degree of needed correction, you can get a pair for under $100. A prescription is needed and lasts for two years.

The Pros and Cons of LASIK

LASIK surgery reshapes the eye to improve vision. Changing the eyes shape allows the cornea to better focus light. It has been FDA-approved since 1995. Let’s take a quick look at the pros and cons of LASIK surgery.

  • No Glasses or Contacts- Will can completely correct vision in many patients, permanently eliminating the need for glasses and contacts. Many patients see better after surgery than they did before using glasses.
  • Quick Procedure– The LASIK procedure typically takes just a few minutes, start to finish. Dr. Will has performed over 65,000 successful laser vision procedures.
  • Minimal Side Effects- Many patients experience few, if any side effects, after surgery. We’ll discuss potential side effects in depth during your consultation.
  • Lasting Results- LASIK results are long lasting. Come in for the procedure once and you may enjoy a lifetime of results. Some patients need occasional touch-up treatments.
  • Many Options Available- We offer many types of LASIK surgery including bladeless LASIK. We’ll help you find the right treatment for your vision difficulties.
  • Initial Investment- LASIK requires an initial investment, but most patients find their results are worth the cost. Financing options are available to help LASIK be more affordable for everyone.

Glasses or LASIK- Which Option Is Best for You?

Glasses or LASIK? If you’re tired of the hassle of glasses and contacts, come see us. LASIK surgery may be able to help you lose the glasses and discover better vision. We are able to treat many patients that have been told they aren’t candidate for LASIK at other facilities. Call us today and schedule your consultation.