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The most common comment made by patients who have undergone Lasik at Will Vision and Laser Centers is that they uniformly wish they had done it sooner and it was the easiest and best thing they have done for themselves. We imagine the same thing to be true once you finally move forward on experiencing the fun of clear natural vision for yourself. So, in addition to delivering an exceptional surgical outcome and experience, it is also our task to ensure that you understand how easy and affordable modern Lasik cost in Oregon is.

It is difficult to put a price tag on how freeing it is to no longer be tethered to glasses or contact lenses. Once you have clear natural vision without artificial vision aids you will be able to accomplish really fun things that previously were simply not possible. Swim in a pool and be able to see your family, kite board on the Columbia and be able to see the shore, snow ski without fogged glasses impairing your ability to see the slope, hunt or fish without the risk of peering through fogged up spectacles, walk on Cannon Beach in the rain, get a new job as a firefighter or police officer and a myriad of other exciting activities too numerous to count. There are not many things in life that can truly open up so many doors to new opportunity.

What Am I Buying?

The term Lasik is a broad term that really defines a category of laser vision correction techniques rather than a specific procedure. As a result, there are actually many different method of performing Lasik that have evolved over time. Some are highly advanced while others were great in their day but the test of time and the rigors of scientific scrutiny have rendered them to be either more or less obsolete or more problematic than newer options.

This evolution in increasing procedure sophistication with respect to safety and ability to deliver consistently excellent clinical outcomes has created pricing confusion in the minds of many consumers. Lack of knowledge regarding the type of Lasik surgery being offered in the face of widely disparate fees found amongst discount Lasik centers leads to consumer paralysis for fear of either selecting an obsolete procedure at a lower cost and risk going “blind” versus paying too much for a Lasik procedure when the identical technology is available elsewhere for less. Unfortunately, consumers deserve more from medical professionals.


Although it is impossible to accurately define surgical quality only based on procedure pricing, some general comments should be helpful. Across the United States, the cost for advanced modern Lasik surgery with a highly experienced surgeon ranges from $4,000 to $6,000 for both eyes with the average per eye charge being approximately $2,500. If you are being quoted fees that are substantially less than this range then in all likelihood you are not receiving the most advanced technology or an experienced surgeon. Generally speaking, any fee for bilateral Lasik that is less than $3,000 likely means that the Lasik technique being performed involves older non-wavefront technology, an older model femtosecond laser or a microkeratome.


The IRS has restrictions on what patient FSA funds can cover. However, if you have an FSA, it currently covers laser vision correction, including LASIK, PRK, SMILE, and other techniques.


Like the FSA, the IRS limits what procedures HSAs cover to LASIK, PRK, and SMILE. This news is excellent because many insurance plans offer discounts for laser vision correction, but are unlikely to cover the entire cost.


The tremendous value proposition of modern Lasik is highly compelling. The most critical task is to take advantage of the easy financing options are available that will allow most people to select having the safest and most advanced procedure possible.

To assist in accomplishing your goal of become free of glasses and contact lenses we have created several pages that describe: