Portland’s Best LASIK Procedures for Adults Over 50

Sometimes life gets in the way of LASIK plans. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, many of our LASIK patients are older adults, patients that have wanted laser eye surgery for years, and are finally in the position to have it. They finally have the finances to pay for the procedure and the time to get it done. Is LASIK still possible over 50? What procedures are best for this age range?

Dr. Will is a skilled refractive surgeon and provides patients with superior vision correction outcomes at every age. Whether you’re in your 20s or your 50s, we can help you to see clearly and enjoy life with better vision. 

If you’re over 50, we have a few unique treatment options to address age-related vision changes. Call us to schedule a consultation at our Vancouver, WA or Salem, OR office: 877-542-3937.

How Age Changes the Eyes

As you get older, your eyes will change. It doesn’t matter if you have clear, perfect vision or a significant refractive error, your vision is going to decline once you hit a certain age. 

Changes to the eyes are part of the natural aging process. The lens is a clear portion near the front of the eye that changes shape to help focus light. As you get older, the lens becomes less flexible. When this occurs, it is less able to change shape and becomes less efficient at focusing light. The result is a decline in close-up vision. 

Presbyopia is the technical term for these age-related vision changes. Common signs of the condition include:

  • Holding books or magazines at arm’s distance to see the fine print
  • Blurred vision when performing close-up tasks
  • Headaches and visual fatigue

Presbyopia is often confused with farsightedness, but the two are different. Farsightedness occurs when the eye’s shape makes it difficult to see close objects. Farsightedness can happen at any age. Presbyopia occurs when the lens becomes less flexible with age, making it more difficult to focus the eye. It is most common in older adults.

Can I Still Get LASIK Surgery After 50?

LASIK is a popular procedure for patients in their 50s and is often used to treat presbyopia, along with nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. If you’re in your 50s, we would love to meet with you for a LASIK consultation to explore your treatment options.

LASIK for Presbyopia- What Are Your Options?

At first, presbyopia changes can be managed by adjusting a few habits. Patients may need to hold reading material a little further from the eye or opt for larger print. Presbyopia is progressive, so in time it will get worse. Eventually, patients may need bifocals or reading glasses. 

LASIK surgery and other treatments can restore your vision after presbyopia.

Lifestyle LASIK

Lifestyle LASIK is an innovative surgical technique developed by our own Dr. Will. 

Lifestyle LASIK has a high success rate, provided the patient is a good candidate. Not everyone can receive this procedure. One of the main qualifications is a refractive error in both eyes. 

The benefits of Lifestyle LASIK include:

  • Normal 20/20 vision in both eyes
  • Normal depth perception
  • Focus near and far without glasses
  • Permanently reshapes the eyes, offering lifelong vision correction for many patients
  • No need for an implant 

Lifestyle LASIK is exclusively offered at Will Vision and Laser Centers and was developed by Dr. Will after a painstaking process and many years of intensive research and development.


Learn More About LASIK After 50 at Will Vision and Laser Centers

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