5 Tips for Giving the Gift of LASIK this Holiday

Skip the ugly sweater and give a holiday gift that will be appreciated for years to come. LASIK surgery tops many holiday wish lists. When you give the gift of LASIK, you’re giving the gift of clear vision. 

Gifting a medical procedure can be a bit more difficult than simply buying a box of chocolates. You’ll need to put in a little extra effort to make sure this gift is needed and wanted. Here are our best tips for giving LASIK to friends or family this holiday season. If you have questions or need advice, call Will Vision and Laser Centers, one of the top providers of LASIK surgery in the Pacific Northwest.

1. Find Out if LASIK Is on Their Wish List

LASIK surgery is an eye surgery that reshapes the cornea and improves vision. It can correct nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. When performed by a skilled LASIK surgeon, this procedure can dramatically improve vision, often eliminating the need for glasses or contacts. 

LASIK is a popular procedure, but it isn’t always the right fit. Before giving this treatment as a holiday gift, make sure the recipient is interested in surgery. 

Some patients want LASIK but have been told they aren’t good candidates. With our advanced refractive surgery techniques and technologies, Dr. Will can offer laser vision correction to many patients that have been told they aren’t candidates for LASIK elsewhere. Before giving up on a LASIK dream, come meet with Dr. Will and explore the possibilities.

2. A Little Goes a Long Way

Laser vision correction is an investment. Depending on your holiday budget, the full cost of the procedure may be more than you’re able to spend. If you’re not able to pay for the full procedure yourself, offer what you can and remember that every penny helps. 

One way to give LASIK without paying the full bill yourself is to make the surgery a group gift. By pooling money together, you can make clear vision possible without spending more than you’re able. Recruit friends, family, and relatives to help you pay for the surgery.

3. Leave the Medical Decisions to the Patient and Their Doctor

Medical decisions are best made by patient and doctor together. If you want to gift a medical procedure, give the gift and then give space. 

After a consultation and exam, the patient and surgeon may decide to go ahead with LASIK. They may choose a different vision-enhancing procedure like PRK. They may find that surgery isn’t the right fit.

4. Offer Support During Recovery

Giving the gift of LASIK doesn’t end on surgery day. Give support during the recovery process. Act quickly, LASIK recovery often takes just a few days. If you wait around, help won’t be needed when you’re ready to give it. 

How can you support your loved one through recovery? Here are a few ideas:

Offer a Ride- Patients need a ride to and from LASIK surgery. After the procedure, vision can be cloudy or blurry. Patients should avoid driving until they are cleared by their LASIK surgeon. Offering rides to surgery and follow up visits can make the recovery process easier. 

Feed Them- No one wants to cook dinner right after LASIK surgery. Offer to bring over a home-cooked meal or two during the first few days after surgery. Dinner always tastes better when you don’t have to cook it yourself. If you live too far to bring dinner, ordering delivery from a local restaurant is a thoughtful and appreciated alternative. 

Buy Some Shades- Sunglasses are a LASIK recovery essential. If you want to give a loved one a special gift before surgery, buy them a pair of sunglasses. They don’t have to be expensive but should offer 100% UV protection. 

Overall, LASIK recovery is minimal and most patients are back to work and other activities in a few days.

5. Treat Yourself to LASIK This Holiday Season

Who says you can’t give yourself a gift this holiday season? If you’re wanting LASIK surgery, treat yourself to clear vision. Call our office and schedule a consultation with Dr. Will to learn more. 

What holiday gifts are you giving this year? Consider the gift of vision-enhancing surgery; Call Will Vision and Laser Centers to learn more.