LASIK as a College Gift? Free Your Student from Glasses

Are you searching for the perfect gift for your college student? Traditional choices include a pen, a watch, or a paperweight, but take our word for it, your student doesn’t want these gifts. 

Step outside of traditional and give a gift your student actually wants, LASIK surgery. Learn more about LASIK in the Pacific Northwest by calling Will Vision and Laser Centers at 877-542-3937. 

LASIK Surgery and the Eyes- How This Procedure Transforms Vision

To learn how LASIK improves your vision, let’s take a mental field trip to Math 101. You’re sitting in the back of the class as the teacher writes equations on the board. Thanks to your eyes, you can see the professor far away and your textbook, sitting right in front of you. The images pass through the cornea, are focused by the lens, and transmitted to the brain through the retina. 

The shape of the cornea affects the quality of the image that you’ll see. Ideally, the cornea is perfectly round. Most of the time, the actual shape of the cornea is some variation of oblong. When your eye isn’t round, the images you see will have distortion, also called a refractive error. If your professor and his equations are blurry, odds are, your cornea isn’t perfectly shaped. 

LASIK reshapes the eye, bringing vision into focus. The advanced technology we use at Will Vision and Laser Centers allows us to create some of the best LASIK results in Oregon and Washington. 

Give the Gift of LASIK to Your College Student

Why give one gift when you can give 50? When you give LASIK, you give your student the gift of:

  • Sight- morning, noon, and night
  • Freedom from foggy, rain-spattered glasses
  • Seeing the alarm clock in the middle of the night
  • Extra money- glasses and contacts are expensive
  • Unencumbered outdoor adventures
  • The ability to run, jump, and swim with sight
  • Cheap sunglasses (or expensive ones), the important thing is finally being able to choose
  • No more glasses or contacts
  • The potential for better than 20/20 vision
  • Reduced seasonal allergies

And so much more. LASIK is a gift with endless possibilities. 

School Starts Soon- Does My Student Have Time for LASIK?

You want to set your student up for success, not start the school year with downtime and missed classes. When school starts in just a few weeks, is there still time for LASIK surgery? 

We are happy to report that the answer to this question is a resounding yes. There is almost always time for LASIK. 

When you receive refractive surgery from a highly skilled provider, like Dr. Will, recovery times are quick. Our patients are usually back to work and other activities in a few days. The eyes will still need a little TLC after the initial recovery period, but as long you pack your student a large bottle of eye drops and a new pair of shades, they should be ready to return to school and hit the books shortly after LASIK surgery. Dr. Will provides each patient with detailed recovery information at the time of surgery. 

Learn more about LASIK Surgery at Will Vision and Laser Centers, located in Salem, OR and Vancouver, WA.