5 Eye Exercises to Support Vision

To keep your body at its best, you exercise. Why should the eyes be any different? We’re sharing five of our favorite exercises to keep your eyes healthy and support your vision.

Intentional Blinking- May Help Dry Eye

Are you in a staring contest with your computer screen? Electronic devices tend to slow the blink rate, and with regular screen use, this can lead to dry eyes. Intentional blinking exercises can resolve dry eye symptoms for some patients. 

How do you intentionally blink? The process is simple. Close your eyes, rest for a few seconds, squeeze your eyelids together, and open. Do this sequence one or two times and try to do several sequences each day. 

Make it a habit! Set an hourly alarm on your phone and perform this exercise every time your phone beeps. Other patients choose a regularly performed task, like answering the phone, and try intentional blinking each time this task is completed.

Eye-Roll- Not Just for Sarcasm

One of our favorite eye exercises is one you probably mastered during your teenage years. The eye-roll is an easy way to stretch the muscles that control the eyes. 

To perform this exercise, simply roll your eyes. Go slowly, moving the eyes in one direction for several rolls and then move in the other direction. 

There are a few variations on this technique including an exercise called Figure 8. To perform this exercise, roll the eyes around in a figure 8 movement. Look to the left, up, down, to the right, up, down, etc.

Palming- A 30 Second Relaxation Retreat for the Eyes

Do your eyes need a spa day? This quick and easy eye exercise provides the eyes with much-needed relaxation, no trip to the spa necessary. All you need is your palms and 30 seconds. 

Start by rubbing the palms together to warm them up. Place the palms of your hands gently over the eyes with your fingers extending upward toward the forehead. Close your eyes and relax. We like to count to 30, but you’re welcome to go longer. Don’t press on the eye sockets or cheekbones. 

Some patients like to perform this exercise in complete darkness, but on a busy day, sitting at your desk works well too.

20-20-20 Helps with Computer Vision Syndrome

If you use computers regularly, learn the 20-20-20 exercise and perform it throughout the day. This exercise is designed to reduce symptoms of computer vision syndrome. 

Every 20 minutes look up from your screen and focus on an object that is at least 20 feet away for 20 seconds.

Thumbs Up for Better Vision

You don’t need any special tools for this simple focusing exercise, just your thumb. Hold your thumb out at arms distance and focus your gaze on it. Move the thumb closer to your eyes and side-to-side, refocusing with each movement.

Can Eye Exercises Improve My Vision So I Won’t Need Glasses?

Eye exercises are a valuable tool for keeping the eyes rested and working at their best. These exercises relieve eye strain and improve comfort, especially for patients that work in an office environment or use a computer regularly.But, there are limits to what these exercises can achieve. Scientific evidence doesn’t support the rumor that exercising the eyes can improve vision. 

If you want to improve vision and ditch your glasses, exercise likely won’t work, but LASIK will. When the procedure is performed by a highly-skilled refractive surgeon like Dr. Will, LASIK has a high success rate. Most of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or greater. Results can last a lifetime. 

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