Going Back to School: 3 Ways LASIK Helps Keep Good Grades in Focus

School’s back in session, and this year, Will Vision and Laser Centers want you to nab all the A’s. Hard work and dedication will be essential, of course, as will good vision. After all, can you really study for a test if you can’t see your textbook? Learn how LASIK surgery can help you keep your good grades in focus this school year. 

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See Your Alarm, Right When You Wake Up

Hitting snooze is all too easy when you have an early morning class but miss too many and your grades will take a nosedive. One of the big complaints of contact lens and glasses users is an inability to see the alarm clock in the morning. When you can’t quite see the time, it’s easy to justify a few extra ZZZs. After LASIK, you’ll have no excuses. Those numbers will be clear and crisp from the minute you open your eyes. You’ll still need self-control to force yourself out of your cozy sheets and into class, but when you can actually see the glaring numbers on your alarm clock, it is easier to make the smart choice. 

Better Vision for Those Late-Night Study Sessions

Back to school means back to studying. See your textbooks clearly with LASIK surgery.  LASIK reshapes the cornea, helping to reduce refractive errors and improve vision. Our advanced technologies help us to deliver some of the best refractive surgery results in the area. Dr. Will’s patients often achieve 20/20 vision, with some obtaining eyesight that surpasses this benchmark. You could say our LASIK results are worthy of an A+. 

Good vision matters day and night, but our LASIK patients feel extra appreciation for it during those late-night cram sessions when their eyes are already tired. When you fall asleep, drooling on your textbook, your eyes will appreciate not having contacts in. 

Missing Glasses Doesn’t Have to Mean Missing Classes

We get it, sometimes college life is rough. You wake up after a little too much fun and your glasses are nowhere to be found. What do you do when you’re as blind as a bat and suddenly without vision correction? 

We don’t want you to have to live with the horror of wearing your junior high glasses while you wait for a replacement pair or sitting in the back of class, completely unable to see. With LASIK surgery, you can see clearly without glasses or contacts. When there are no glasses to lose, there is no worry about a missing pair. You’re ready to learn whenever and wherever. 

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