Top 5 Reasons Portland Residents Get LASIK

Are you thinking about LASIK surgery in Portland, OR? You’re not alone. As one of the top refractive surgery practices in the state, we meet with many patients like you every day. These patients are ready to take control of their vision and make a change. 

Our customized treatments and superior results make Will Vision and Laser Centers a top choice for LASIK and refractive surgery in the Pacific Northwest. While there are many reasons to consider refractive surgery, we’ve noticed a few common themes as we talk with our patients about their reasons for choosing LASIK. 

The top five reasons Portland residents get LASIK surgery include:

They Want to Enjoy the Many Outdoor Activities Available

Whether you want to run, swim, ski, kayak, or hike, Portland has you covered. Within an hour’s drive of the city, you can access world-famous outdoor destinations like Mt. Hood, the Willamette River, and Forest Park. 

Sure, you can do these activities with glasses and contacts, but we promise, it’s much better without them. No more sweaty frames sliding down your nose or fogged up lenses. No worries about losing a contact or breaking your glasses. After LASIK, you can finally enjoy your favorite activities without worrying about your vision.

They Are Sick of Wearing Glasses or Contact Lenses

Plain and simple, glasses and contacts are a pain. It starts in the morning when the alarm goes off and you fumble around searching for your glasses so you can see the numbers on the clock. As you rush to get ready, you have to spend an extra five minutes cleaning your glasses or popping in your contacts. If it’s rainy, and it often is here in Portland, that means rain-spattered lenses and a day of constant lens wiping. When night comes, you can’t just slip into bed – contacts must be removed, cleaned, and put away for another day. 

For many patients, LASIK surgery removes the hassle of glasses and contacts. By reshaping the cornea, we can eliminate or improve your refractive error. Many patients no longer need vision correction after surgery.

They Want Better Vision

With your glasses on, you can see well, but what if you could see better? Dr. Will uses some of the most advanced LASIK technology in the Pacific Northwest to achieve unparalleled results in vision correction. Many of our patients will achieve 20/20 vision after their surgeries, and many others will discover vision that is even better. 

If you think you see clearly with your glasses on, just wait until you see the world through LASIK eyes.

They Want to Look Their Best

Some people love the look of glasses, others hate it. Our patients often choose LASIK surgery to give themselves options. A great pair of glasses can enhance your look, but so can bright, open, and uncovered eyes. 

Many of our patients report increased confidence after LASIK. They look in the mirror and finally see themselves, not the glasses they’ve been forced to wear in years past.

They Want to Save Money

Save money by getting LASIK? This may sound impossible, but bear with us, extra green is in your future.  At first glance, LASIK surgery seems like an expense, but over time, our patients find that surgery saves a significant amount of money. Let’s break it down:

  • Contacts cost between $175 and $1,400 a year, depending on your prescription and the type of contacts you choose. 
  • Glasses start at about $200 per pair. Specialized lenses, name-brand frames, sunglasses, and a second pair will all add to your expense. 
  • Don’t forget about the cost of the eye exam to get the prescription for the glasses or the contact lens fitting you’ll need. These treatments will set you back between $80-$300. 
  • Glasses wipes and contact lens solutions add up too. 

Year after year these expenses start to add up.    LASIK will cost more initially, but in time, the investment usually pays for itself and then some.  And there are great ways to save on LASIK including HSAs, FSAs, and low-interest financing.

Enhance your life with LASIK surgery. Contact us to learn more.