3 Lesser-Known LASIK Alternatives that Could Be Better for You

There are many paths to better vision. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we realize that a one-size-fits-all approach to improving vision doesn’t work. Our patients all come to us with vision complaints, but that is where the similarity ends. Some struggle with nearsightedness, others astigmatism. We help patients to resolve dry eye and age-related vision changes, too. Dr. Will is one of the most successful refractive surgeons in the Pacific Northwest and uses a customized approach to help each patient achieve their best vision. 

LASIK is certainly the most popular vision correction surgery in the U.S., but it isn’t the only option. Some patients will achieve better results by choosing one of these LASIK alternatives.

Wavefront Guided Bladeless LASIK

Technically a type of LASIK surgery, our Wavefront-guided bladeless LASIK procedures blow traditional LASIK results out of the water. This procedure builds on the vision-improving benefits of LASIK surgery by incorporating the latest technologies in refractive surgery to achieve a better result. 

How is Wavefront-guided bladeless LASIK better than traditional LASIK? 

  • Gold Standard in Laser Vision Correction– We use the latest technologies available in refractive surgery to provide our patients with the gold-standard approach during every treatment. The Wavefront technology we’re currently using is the only type of LASIK trusted by the U.S. military. 
  • Pre-treatment Mapping for Enhanced Results– Dr. Will prides himself on creating some of the best refractive surgery results in the Pacific Northwest. We use iDesign mapping technology to create a pre-treatment plan for your procedure. This extra step helps us to achieve better-than-expected results for many of our patients. 
  • More Accurate- The Wavefront-guided technology that we’re currently using at Will Vision and Laser Centers is five times more accurate than previous generations of Wavefront technology and twenty-five times more accurate than glasses or contact lenses. 
  • Less Injury and Trauma- A bladeless LASIK procedure means less damage to the eye and reduced trauma. For many patients, this means a shorter recovery period and less postoperative dry eye. 

Trust your vision to Wavefront-Guided bladeless LASIK, a superior alternative to traditional LASIK procedures.

Wavefront Guided PRK

PRK, or photorefractive keratectomy, is the original vision correction surgery. It was performed long before LASIK and offers some patients unique benefits. This procedure can be performed on patients with a thinner cornea, including those that do not qualify for traditional LASIK surgery. PRK is also a superior option for patients who are at risk for direct trauma to the eye. This procedure is popular amongst patients that participate in contact sports like boxing.

PRK recovery is longer than LASIK recovery, but the results are just as good as LASIK.  With a few specific advantages, some of our patients benefit greatly from having this option for vision enhancement.

Learn more about these LASIK alternatives by contacting Will Vision and Laser Centers. With offices in both Salem, OR and Vancouver, WA, we can conveniently serve patients throughout the Pacific Northwest.