Is LASIK the Greener Vision Correction Solution?

What’s the greenest choice for vision correction: glasses, contacts, or LASIK surgery? If we had to choose, we would vote LASIK. Learn why laser eye surgery is a green choice and get our best tips for improving vision while saving the planet.

Why LASIK Is a “Green” Choice

Glasses and contacts create waste, waste that piles up in our landfills and is rarely biodegradable. Think about those daily contact lenses. They may be small, but 1 pair a day plus packaging over 365 days, can equal a lot of trash. And that’s just in a year. Imagine how much trash a lifetime of contact lenses can create.

With LASIK, there are no packages and there is no trash, just better vision. Will Vision and Laser Centers use the latest technologies available and we have one of the most skilled LASIK surgeons in the Pacific Northwest. This means better results for our patients. Many will no longer require glasses or contacts.

See the Beauty of Our Earth, No Glasses Necessary

Many of our patients are outdoor enthusiasts. Living in the Pacific Northwest, it’s easy to understand why. Oregon and Washington are two of the most beautiful states in the country, and our patients can easily get to the mountains or the beach on any given weekend. Our beautiful summer weather makes it a pleasure to hike, climb, bike, swim, and explore. And LASIK makes it easier to enjoy all of these activities.

Let’s face it, glasses and contacts make life more difficult. A hike on a misty morning means foggy, spotted glasses. Sweaty glasses slip off the nose. Water sports are nearly impossible with corrective lenses. LASIK eliminates the hassle of glasses and contact lenses, allowing our patients to get out and enjoy our beautiful planet. We can’t think of anything greener than that.

LASIK Surgery in the Pacific Northwest

Will Vision and Laser Centers are proud to be one of the top laser vision centers in the Pacific Northwest. We have offices in both Vancouver, WA and Salem, OR, conveniently serving patients throughout the area.

We offer some of the best technologies available including:

Additionally, we use some of the best lasers available including the Advanced iFS Laser and the Zeiss VisuMax Femtosecond Laser. Our technology combined with Dr. Will’s experience and expertise creates some of the best LASIK results in the area. We are able to treat patients that are not eligible for LASIK at other practices and achieve 20/20 vision or greater for many patients. If you’re in the Pacific Northwest, call us at 877-542-3937 to learn more about your options for laser eye surgery.

Make the green choice this year and trade those glasses in for better vision. In many cases, LASIK surgery can eliminate the need for glasses and contact lenses. LASIK surgery is a better choice for you and for our planet too.