What Better Gift than the Gift of Perfect Vision? How to Gift LASIK this Holiday Season

Make dreams come true this holiday season! If someone special on your holiday list is dreaming of better vision, give them the gift of LASIK at Will Vision and Laser Centers. Don’t forget, that special someone could be you. Treat yourself to LASIK this year.

You Won’t Find Perfect Vision in a Box Under the Tree

Perfect vision doesn’t come in a box and you can’t wrap it up with a shiny bow, but it is very giftable. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we specialize in better vision. Our refractive surgeon and founder, Dr. Will has performed more than 65,000 laser vision procedures and is one of the most experienced laser surgeons in the U.S. He is committed to providing his patients with the best and is an innovator in LASIK surgery, often one of the first practices in the Pacific Northwest to offer a treatment.

Although Dr. Will can’t guarantee specific results, by combining superior training and experience with some of the best laser technologies available, he can offer patients the best possible results available. Many of our patients achieve 20/20 vision or greater and no longer require glasses or contact lenses after LASIK surgery. We can give you a better idea of the type of results we can achieve after your consultation.

You can’t wrap up the gift LASIK surgery, but you can be sure that this gift is one that will be loved long after the last candy cane is devoured.

Our Best Tips for Giving the Gift of LASIK

LASIK is one of our favorite holiday gifts. These helpful tips make it easier than ever give better vision to yourself, or someone special, this year.

  • Schedule a LASIK Consultation- LASIK is an ideal vision correction solution for many patients, but not for everyone. Before LASIK, we meet with every patient to discuss goals and examine their eyes. If LASIK isn’t the right fit, one of our other vision correction options may be. Our advanced technology makes LASIK a possibility for many patients, even those that have been told they don’t qualify for LASIK at another practice.
  • You Don’t Have to Pay for the Whole Procedure- Laser eye surgery is an investment. The cost of the procedure may be more than you’re able to spend. You can still help your friend or family member pay for the procedure. Go in on the cost of LASIK with others or offer to pay a portion of the procedure.
  • Contact Us for More Information- We want to help you give or receive the gift of better vision. Contact us with any questions or to receive more information about our practice. We have offices in both Vancouver, WA and Salem, OR and serve patients throughout the Pacific Northwest.
  • Choose a Skilled LASIK Provider- Bargain hunting is great for holiday slippers and pajama sets, but not so good for laser eye surgery. Choose a skilled provider with extensive experience.

This holiday season gives a gift that will last. Better vision will never go out of style. Call us to schedule your LASIK consultation.