How Much Time Should I Take Off from Work after LASIK?

Many of our LASIK patients at Will Vision & Laser Centers want to know how much time they need to take off from work. This is a perfectly valid question — we understand that you have professional obligations and responsibilities at the office. However, that is no reason not to invest the time into improving your most precious sense: your eyesight.

What we tell our patients is this: you can ask to take off however many days you are comfortable with. Because you are having eye surgery, most bosses are very accommodating and generous when granting your request.

Most of our patients have their LASIK procedures in the morning or afternoon and take the rest of the day off from work. After your procedure, you will need to go home and take a three to four hour nap. This nap is a very important part of the healing process. You need to relax your eyes and avoid straining them by watching television or reading.

Most of our patients return to work the next day, after a quick post-operative check to ensure their eyes are healing properly. This visit usually only lasts five to 10 minutes.

We wouldn’t recommend scheduling a 9AM meeting the morning after your LASIK surgery, but you can expect to return to the office relatively early that day and get back to your workload.

The only exception where someone would need longer to recover is if they accidentally poked themselves in the eye, disrupting their natural healing progress and requiring a little extra attention.

The LASIK Recovery Process

Recovering from LASIK is an ongoing process. Although you will notice a significant improvement in your vision quickly, it will take several weeks or months to completely stabilize. Your vision will continue to improve as time passes and your eyes fully heal.

While you are able to return to almost all of your normal activities, you should avoid swimming and Jacuzzi tubs for two weeks to reduce the chance of a bacterial contamination and infection. Also, take precautions in dusty weather conditions to prevent any particles from flying into your eyes.

Schedule a LASIK Consultation

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