Can LASIK Change Your Life?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, our team feels honored to play a part in so many people’s LASIK journeys. We have witnessed first-hand the incredible transformation that our patients experience after vision correction surgery, and we encourage anyone who is tired of going through life wearing glasses or contacts to explore their LASIK options.

Potential patients often want to know: can LASIK change my life? We are not exaggerating when we say yes, it certainly can!

How do we know this? We encourage patients to provide feedback about their experience and how their life has been affected by LASIK — and nearly all of them are very eager to share!

We have heard numerous times from patients that they are surprised and amazed not only by the huge difference in their vision, but also how quickly it occurs. It’s common for a patient to see more clearly immediately after treatment as they leave our office. Patients can hardly believe how much better their eyesight is the morning after treatment, and how it continues to improve during the following days and weeks.

They start to notice little things: the leaves on the trees become clearer, and faraway street signs are more visible. It’s easier to get up in the middle of the night for a glass of water, or to read the label on a bottle of vitamins in the morning. Then, the everyday routine gets easier without the need to fiddle with glasses and contacts. The freedom from glasses that get in the way or constantly become dirty/fogged up is incredible.

Our patients who want to enjoy active lifestyles find it easier and more pleasant to hop on a bike or kayak, or hit the running trail without worrying about the hindrance of visual aids. Of course, they also appreciate the clear, crisp views of the natural surroundings!

A financial burden is lifted, too. The cost of prescription glasses, contact lenses, frames and cleaning supplies adds up over the years, and LASIK results alleviate this financial responsibility significantly.

One of the best testimonies that we frequently hear from patients is that LASIK is the BEST investment they have ever made in themselves — and that they wish they had done it sooner.

We invite you to contact our practice to learn more about how LASIK can change your life. Please call or email us today! You can reach our Vancouver office by calling (877) 542-EYES (3937), our Beaverton office at (877) 542-3937 or our Salem office at (877) 542-3937.