Will Vision performs the First iDesign Wavefront Guided Bladeless Lasik in the Pacific Northwest

Vancouver, WA (February 11, 2016) – Will Vision and Laser Centers are pleased to announce that Dr. Brian Will is the first in the Pacific Northwest to perform bladeless wavefront guided Lasik using the new iDesign system from Abbott Medical Optics. The procedures went flawlessly and patient visual acuities exceeded that seen with older versions of wavefront aberrometry. The iDesign system is 25 times more precise than glasses and contact lenses and 5 times more accurate than older wavefront guided systems available in the region.

Dr. Will has been practicing ophthalmology and refractive surgery for over 30 years and describes the iDesign as “the most accurate refracting system ever built. It far supersedes the results I can obtain by asking a patient to select the best lens from a series of lenses presented while looking at a distant target”. The iDesign is taking vision correction and laser vision correction to levels that we have only previously dreamed of.

The iDesign has its roots in NASA technology. The same scientists that built the iDesign are working on the latest James Webb Deep Space Telescope slated for launch in 2018 to replace the aging Hubble Telescope.

The dynamic range of the iDesign is far superior to any measuring tool allowing us to measure highly aberrated eyes and eyes with very high corrections to within 1/100th of a diopters – levels impossible with routine glasses and contact lenses.

Will Vision is pleased to provide this incredible innovation for our patients in the Pacific Northwest. For more information patients may be eligible for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Will.