When Can I Exercise After LASIK Surgery?

After LASIK, you’ll need to be cautious about resuming various activities. Taking the proper precautions will return you to your routine safely and quickly. From swimming to running to playing 18 holes, you’ll be back to your favorite hobby before you know it.

Here is a timeline to help you plan when to jump back into sports or exercise after LASIK.

Day One — Indoor Training

The first day after LASIK, you can ease yourself back into exercising at home. Enjoy moderate activities like walking, weightlifting, and stationary cycling without leaving the house.

Day Two — Moderate Outdoor Activities

Two days out from LASIK, you’ll be ready for some outdoor workout routines, like jogging around your neighborhood or riding a bike. If you run or cycle in a wooded area, make sure you wear eye protection.

Day Five — Group Classes

If you get motivated by group workouts more than individual pursuits, day five after LASIK is a milestone. You can do a CrossFit routine or beef up with your buddies at the local fitness center, but bring a towel to ensure your eyes are always clear.

Two Weeks — Swimming, Skiing, Snowboarding, and More…

After two weeks, you will be ready for more adventurous workouts like basketball, volleyball, skiing, snowboarding, and martial arts. Make sure you bring the appropriate eye protection for these activities for up to three months after LASIK surgery.

Do you want to jump in the pool for fun or exercise? Go ahead. Now you can see underwater clearly for the first time in years – or ever.

One Month — Scuba Diving

Eye protection is mandatory with this activity, whether you’ve had LASIK or not. But for those who have had LASIK, the sport is now much more enjoyable. Make sure your mask fits tightly to keep the saltwater out of your eyes.

Three Months — Ready for Anything

After three months, you can consider your LASIK recovery complete and the world of exercise fully open. Then, you can get back to a full range of activities and everything the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Though many sports like racquetball and scuba diving require constant eye protection, having LASIK won’t slow you down with an active lifestyle.

Congratulations, your workout routines have just become more enjoyable! Now, you can run, swim, and cycle without needing glasses or contacts to take it all in.

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