What You Should Know About Using Artificial Tears for Dry Eyes Post-Lasik

Like most surgical procedures, Lasik requires additional care to help with recovery, healing, and discomfort after the surgery. Irritation and dry eyes are most people’s biggest concerns in the immediate period following their Lasik procedure.

Luckily, a pocket-sized bottle of artificial tears is typically the extent of what you need to relieve these symptoms. But which eyedrops are best after Lasik, and how long should you expect to use them?

Here, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to post-Lasik eyedrop usage so you can keep your eyes hydrated and healthy after eye surgery.

Will Artificial Tears Help After Lasik?

Dr. Will commonly prescribes artificial tears to his Lasik patients before and after eye surgery. Though many people look to this advanced surgery to help resolve dry eyes, they are also a typical side effect of Lasik vision correction.

OK, that sounds counterproductive, so let’s explain further. While more than 30 million American adults have some degree of dry eye, contact lens wearers are more likely to struggle with this condition. That could be because the lenses are absorbing the tears that usually lubricate their eyes, or due to the lenses partially blocking oxygen from entering the cornea. People who wear contact lenses for vision correction may experience dry, gritty-feeling eyes, especially after a long day. They may not want to deal with discomfort caused by contacts, but also don’t like the idea of wearing prescription glasses. So, they look to Lasik to find a solution.

When performing bladeless Lasik, Dr. Will carefully docks a high-tech laser to the patient’s eye and focuses it to a precise point within the cornea. Within only 15 seconds, this innovative laser generates thousands of microscopic bubbles that create an incision within the cornea. These micro-cuts can disrupt the process of eye lubrication, resulting in dry eyes.

Using eyedrops after Lasik surgery helps ease dry eye symptoms. Dr. Will may also prescribe eyedrops to his patients with pre-Lasik dry eye to use before the day of the procedure.

FAQs About Post-Lasik Artificial Tears

What eyedrops are safe?

Dr. Will will discuss your recovery and what drops he recommends catering to your specific needs. For example, preservative-free eyedrops are best for dry eyes until you get a prescription.

How often should I lubricate my eyes after Lasik?

The rate of eyedrop usage after Lasik varies for each patient. Typically, you can expect to use them every two hours for 10 weeks after your surgery. Then, you can apply artificial tears at your discretion to maintain eye comfort and lubrication.

How long should you use artificial tears after Lasik?

There’s no cutoff date to eliminate eyedrops from practice. Use a preservative-free product when your eyes feel dry or gritty.

It’s essential to contact Dr. Will during Lasik recovery to let him know if your dry eye continues. Then, he may prescribe a more assertive treatment for additional relief.

Does dry eye go away after Lasik?

While some people never deal with dry eyes after Lasik, others deal with dry eyes for several months, with the worst phase of dry eye resolving after about six months.

Recovering From Lasik in the Pacific Northwest

There isn’t a surefire way to predict how you will feel during Lasik recovery. However, consulting with Dr. Will can give you insight into your current eye condition and a more thorough understanding of what you can expect after this surgery. If you’re ready to learn more, please contact us to schedule your private, in-person consultation today.