What Does LASIK Feel Like?

LASIK surgery is an exciting option for improving your vision and ditching the hassle of glasses and contacts. During the procedure, a high-powered excimer laser reshapes the cornea. LASIK is performed while patients are awake, so it is common to wonder what the procedure will feel like. This guide will help you prepare for your upcoming laser eye surgery at Will Vision and Laser Centers, one of the premier LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest.

What Does LASIK Feel Like During Each Procedural Step?

LASIK is a relatively short procedure. You can plan on spending an hour and a half to two hours with us on surgery day for prep, the procedure, and recovery. You’ll feel many sensations throughout the day; while some of these may be a bit strange, pain is uncommon and not expected.

Preparing for Surgery

On surgery day, you’ll arrive at our comprehensive vision center and check-in. We’ll first place some numbing drops into the eyes. Going in, these drops feel like any other eye drop, but your eye will become numb quickly.

Getting into Position

When it is time for surgery, we’ll help you get into a comfortable position on your back. A member of our team will use a specialized device to help hold your eye open. You may feel a slight pressure as the device holds the eyelids open. Keep in mind, your eyes will be numb, but your eyelids will not. This sensation can take a few minutes to get used to, but it isn’t painful. Some of our patients describe the feeling as similar to gently holding your eye open with your fingers.

The LASIK Procedure

The actual LASIK procedure is quick and usually over in about 10-15 minutes. The procedure is performed in two steps. First, we create a flap that opens the eye and gives Dr. Will access to the cornea. Although this is the most uncomfortable part of LASIK surgery, it isn’t painful. You may feel pressure as the flap is created. We use a laser to create the flap, not an outdated microkeratome. Performing bladeless LASIK allows for faster healing, better results, and a more comfortable procedure.

After the flap is created, the cornea is carefully reshaped using a laser. We use advanced technologies, including iDesign Wavefront and an IFS femtosecond laser to achieve simply unparalleled results. Most patients don’t feel anything as the laser reshapes the cornea.


After LASIK, patients can return home to recover. You’ll need someone to drive you home after the procedure is finished, so it’s best to arrange this beforehand. We recommend taking a nap as soon as possible, as this can help patients to avoid sensations like itching, burning, and tenderness after their treatment. Your eyes may be slightly irritated for a few days, but you’ll heal quickly.

Ready to Learn More About Lasik?

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