KAMRA Inlay®

The KAMRA® Inlay in the Pacific Northwest

Getting older often means vision changes. Nearly every adult over the age of 40 will develop presbyopia which creates difficulty focusing at near distances. For many years, reading glasses were one of the only available treatment options, which can be a very frustrating way to deal with this common issue. With the KAMRA® inlay, a revolutionary procedure that restores age-related vision loss, you can finally set aside the reading glasses and rediscover clear natural vision for near vision tasks.

Will Vision and Laser Centers are pleased to be one of the first providers in the United States to offer the KAMRA® inlay for the treatment of age-related vision changes and presbyopia. Visit one of our offices today, near Portland, Vancouver, WA; and Salem for your consultation with Dr. Brian Will.

What Is the KAMRA® Inlay?

The KAMRA® inlay from CorneaGen® offers the latest in vision technology for patients with presbyopia. This corneal inlay restores everyday vision so you can see text messages, a computer screen, and normal-sized print found in everyday life, without the constant frustration of reading glasses or contact lenses. The KAMRA® inlay provides a natural range of vision – from near to far – without blurry zones.

After you achieve the desired results with your corneal inlay surgery, you can enjoy clear near vision for many years to come as the treatment does not need to be updated or changed as you age. The KAMRA® inlay is the first device of its kind to receive approval from the FDA. Vision may change with age, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy clear uncorrected near vision as you get older. We are excited to offer this life-changing treatment to our patients throughout the Pacific Northwest.

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What Makes this Corneal Inlay Different?

The KAMRA® inlay is an ultra-thin circular disk with an opening in its center that is perfectly sized to enhance the depth of focus and near vision for the human eye. It is markedly thinner and smaller than a soft contact lens. Once placed within the corneal tissue, it focuses all light from both distance and near objects onto the retina.

The KAMRA® corneal inlay is ultrathin, made from biocompatible materials, and surgically placed within the cornea in the non-dominant eye. It is five microns thick; in comparison, a single strand of human hair is 120 microns thick. The many thousands of lasers-etched holes in the KAMRA® inlay facilitate the spread of oxygen and nutrients through the cornea. Once implanted, the inlay provides a full range of vision by dramatically increasing the depth of focus for the eye. The brain combines the near and far images to provide a full range of vision.

With the KAMRA® inlay, the distance vision is maintained in the treated eye. Patients can enjoy natural everyday vision with the ability to focus from near-to-far. Because the KAMRA® inlay works by altering the eye’s depth of focus, it does not need to be adjusted with age, providing the most long-lasting vision performance of any presbyopia solution.

Is the KAMRA® Inlay Right for You?

If you’re frustrated by a dependency on reading glasses for completing everyday tasks, like using your smartphone or reading fine print, a corneal implant may be the best choice for your needs. This is especially true for patients whose daily work includes sitting in front of a computer screen and frequently needing readers to perform essential tasks.

Another deciding factor is the yearly expense accumulated on prescription glasses and contact lenses. How long have you needed these vision solutions and how much have they cost you in the long run? Treatment with the KAMRA® inlay is a one-time procedure and investment in your eye health that can resolve the need to frequently spend money on glasses and contacts. Well-qualified patients are typically those between 45-60 years of age with presbyopia. Before determining how well the procedure can work for you, it’s important to schedule a routine eye exam and speak with our Portland vision specialist about your options.

How the KAMRA® Corneal Inlay Works

The KAMRA® inlay is implanted in only one eye. This allows the patient to see up close while maintaining excellent distance vision in both eyes. When working together, the eyes allow the patient to see from near-to-far continuously. In comparison, monovision, which is a correction of one eye for near and one eye for distance, negatively affects the distance vision in one eye.

Once implanted into the cornea, the KAMRA® inlay blends in with the normal pupil and does not create any negative cosmetic effect, such as changing the color of the pupil. The KAMRA® inlay does not affect the ability to receive standard eye examinations or eye surgery, should a patient develop cataracts later in their life.

Dr. Will

Dr. Brian Will is dedicated to quality care and his patients receive the personalized attention and visual results they need and deserve. Dr. Will provides a safe, effective, and accurate approach to patient diagnosis and treatment.

Your Portland, OR KAMRA® Placement Procedure

Treatment is conducted on an outpatient basis; there is no need to stay overnight in a treatment facility after your procedure. There are also no stitches required, and patients can return to their daily lives as quickly as one day post-treatment. Treatment can be completed in about 20 minutes; patients usually only spend under an hour at our office. Only one eye is treated during your appointment.

During the procedure numbing drops will be placed in the eye to be treated and you will be asked to focus on a light placed overhead as you relax in the treatment chair. You will be very comfortable and will only feel a slight pressure for about 30 seconds during the procedure. Placement of the corneal implant is completed using a laser, so your treatment is as precise as possible; no other instruments will touch your eye.

Choose Will Vision & Laser Centers for Presbyopia Treatment with KAMRA®

Will Vision was one of the first 30 vision centers in the U.S. to offer this treatment. We are one of only four vision centers within 200 miles of Portland offering the KAMRA® inlay and Will Vision and Laser Centers is the only Center of Excellence designated in the region by CorneaGen®, the KAMRA® inlay manufacturer. Dr. Will is a highly respected refractive eye surgeon with extensive experience in the latest vision correction technologies including bladeless LASIK, PRK, and corneal inlays. We offer patients our extensive experience, the latest vision technologies available, and comprehensive care.

We look forward to meeting with you and discussing your options for treating presbyopia or any other vision condition you may have. Call us at (877) 542-3937 to schedule your one-on-one consultation with Dr. Will. We serve patients throughout the Pacific Northwest with convenient offices located in Salem, OR and Vancouver, WA.

Frequently Asked Questions about the KAMRA® Inlay

Within several days of your procedure, you will notice improvements in your quality of vision. These results mature and develop in the following months after the placement of the corneal inlay. At the time of your consultation, Dr. Will and his team will provide more detailed information on what to expect with the ongoing healing.

Not at all; Dr. Will understands that any vision surgery can be intimidating for patients, but the treatment is highly comfortable. With the use of medicated numbing drops, patients only feel a slight pressure during the procedure.

Patients commonly experience minor side effects after their procedure, such as sensitivity to light and watery eyes. These issues are minor, however, and resolve during your recovery. Dr. Will’s team will provide you with complete information about recovery and what to expect, such as taking certain medications, using prescribed drops, and maintaining all scheduled follow-up appointments.

The KAMRA inlay is an eye treatment that frees you from the frustrations of reading glasses with a permanent inlay placed during a fast procedure. The KAMRA inlay sits in the first layers of the eye, better known as the cornea. Smaller and thinner than your contact lens, the KAMRA inlay is a mini-ring with a tiny opening in the center that focuses incoming light. This outcome restores near vision while preserving distance vision.

From beginning to end of the procedure, the KAMRA takes approximately twenty minutes. You can expect your recovery to take one or two days.

Before treatment, Dr. Will places numbing drops in your eye to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure. Using a laser, Dr. Will will create a small pocket in your cornea’s first few layers. You may feel a little pressure during this part of the procedure, but there should be no pain during and immediately following the procedure. As the numbing drops wear off, your eyes may feel irritated or scratchy. Patients also experience increased tear production and light sensitivity that will resolve within a day or two. This is normal. Dr. Will will provide medications to help you manage these symptoms.

Yes, KAMRA Inlay can significantly reduce or eliminate the need for reading glasses in people with presbyopia.

A thorough eye examination by Dr. Will will determine if you are a suitable candidate based on factors like age, corneal health, and visual needs.

As with any surgery, there are potential risks, such as infection or inflammation. Dr. Will will discuss these with you during your consultation.

KAMRA Inlay can provide significant improvement in near vision, allowing you to read and perform close-up tasks without reading glasses.

The effects of KAMRA Inlay are long-lasting. However, your eyesight may still change due to natural aging.

Typically, only one eye receives KAMRA Inlay to maintain balanced vision. Dr. Will will recommend the best approach for your needs.

Yes, KAMRA Inlay is removable. However, this is rare and usually only a recommended option if there are complications.

Since KAMRA Inlay is an elective procedure, most insurance providers do not cover it. Dr. Will’s office can provide information about fees and financing options.

After the procedure, you might experience mild discomfort and blurry vision, which should improve within a few days to weeks.

Yes, regular follow-up appointments with Dr. Will are essential to monitor your progress and ensure proper healing.

It depends on your specific circumstances. Dr. Will will assess your medical history and eye health to determine if KAMRA Inlay is suitable.

Contact Dr. Will’s office in Portland to schedule an in-office consultation. During this appointment, you will sit down with your doctor to discuss your eligibility and the procedure details.