UV and Sunglasses: How to Protect Your Eyes

Most people understand the sun’s UV rays are dangerous to your skin. Not only can it cause severe sunburn, but constant UV exposure can also lead to skin cancer. But did you know UV rays are also dangerous to your eyes? It can contribute to developing certain types of cataracts and possibly vision impairment through macular degeneration (deterioration of the retina).

So, when choosing sunglasses, you should look for sun protection above the latest fashion to maintain your vision for years to come.

When Choosing Your Sunglasses

To protect your eyes, choose sunglasses that:

  • Block UVA rays 99 to 100%
  • Block 75-90% of sunlight
  • Have lenses matching in color and free from imperfections and distortions
  • Have grey lenses for proper color recognition

The degree of darkness and lens color does nothing with the sunglasses’ ability to block the sun’s UV rays. Choose close-fitting glasses or wraparound glasses with wide lenses to protect your vision from every angle. If you wear contact lenses with UV protection, wear sunglasses also to maximize your eye safety.

In addition to wearing sunglasses, wear a wide-brimmed hat on bright sunny days to reduce your eyes’ exposure to the sun by up to fifty percent.

So, when you’re choosing your sunglasses this summer, think less about fashion and more about UV protection. It will pay dividends in protecting you and your children’s eyes from dangerous UV rays.

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Protect Your Childs Eyes

It’s especially critical for your children to protect their eyes from UV rays. Kids generally spend more time outdoors in the sun than adults. It’s been stated that half of a person’s UV exposure is completed by age eighteen.

With children having more transparent eye lenses than adults allowing more UV penetration, they are more susceptible to eye damage.

Make sure your child has quality sunglasses or photochromic lenses for outdoors. Also, encourage your child to wear a hat when they go outside on sunny days.

More Tips on Sunglasses and UV Exposure

When devising a strategy to protect your eyes, keep these tips in mind:

  • Not all sunglasses block UV rays 100%. Take them to your eye doctor for approval
  • Wear sunglasses in the shade to avoid reflected UV rays
  • Keep sunglasses handy in the winter, especially in the snow
  • Like dark skin, dark eyes need sun protection as well

Now that it’s summer, we are more likely to get out in the sun. Be sure to shield your eyes with the proper sunglasses to protect them from UV rays.

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