Tips for Exercising with Glasses

If you’ve tried exercising with glasses, you know the experience can be unpleasant. Sweaty lenses, frames that fall off your nose while you run, and trying to lift weights when you can’t see are just a few of the many problems glasses wearers experience at the gym. What can you do? These tips will help you exercise comfortably, even if you don’t have perfect vision.

Invest in Good Frames

Quality, properly fitted frames are a must if you’re going to wear glasses while you exercise. If your glasses are always falling off, go see your optician and get your frames adjusted. Special running sunglasses or prescription swim goggles can make a big difference in your ability to see and exercise. However, even with the best frames, you’ll have the hassles of glasses, including foggy lenses and difficulty doing some movements.

Consider a Strap

Many people use a strap to hold their glasses in place while exercising. This can help glasses to stay on as your run or lift weights.

Use Contacts

Many people opt for contacts during exercise. This eliminates many of the hassles of glasses use, but isn’t right for every patient. Some people have trouble wearing contacts due to eye irritation or frequent infections. Contacts are also not recommended when participating in water sports like swimming, due to an increased risk of infection and exposure to microorganisms, and even potential for blindness.

Try a Sweatband

If sweat on your glasses is your biggest exercise complaint, try a sweat band. This can dramatically reduce the amount of sweat that comes in contact with your glasses. They certainly aren’t pretty, but they can be very effective.

Fix Your Vision and Ditch Your Glasses

If you hate exercising with your glasses, try it without them. LASIK surgery can help you to lose the glasses and contacts, not just when exercising, but all the time. Dr. Will is a leading refractive surgeon and has helped many patients to correct their vision with LASIK surgery, including those with an astigmatism or very high degrees of nearsightedness or farsightedness. Many patients discover a new love for exercise when they can finally do it without the hassle of glasses.

Call us today and explore your options for LASIK surgery. Exercise while wearing glasses is miserable, even if you follow every tip on this list. Ditch your glasses!