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  1. 5 Criteria for a Good LASIK Candidate

    LASIK has helped countless men and women to achieve better vision. You could be next. Are you a good candidate for LASIK surgery in the Pacific Northwest? Below, discover five important criteria for LASIK surgery.  The Right Age Not too old and not too young, LASIK is best performed on adults in the prime of…

  2. Do LASIK Procedures Vary According to Age?

    Your eyes change throughout your life. Your vision needs at 20 aren’t the same as your vision needs at 70. One thing does remain stable, no matter your age: Good vision is always worth investing in.  Learn how LASIK and other vision correction procedures can keep your eyes at their best throughout your lifetime. At…

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    What Makes a Perfect LASIK Candidate?

    Are you a good candidate for LASIK? Learn what qualifications we look for in a perfect LASIK candidate. We love meeting with prospective patients. If you’re interested in laser vision correction, call us and schedule a free consultation at our Vancouver, WA or Salem, OR office. We look forward to helping you discover better vision….