Sunglasses 101: FAQs About Protecting Your Eyes from the Sun

Do I really need to wear sunglasses? Which sunglasses are best for protecting my eyes? Take care of your eyes by learning more about eyes and sun protection. We’ll answer some of your top questions below. Contact us for personalized advice or to schedule your bladeless LASIKconsultation. Call today!

Do I Really Need to Wear Sunglasses?

Just as UV rays damage the skin, they can take a toll on your eye health. Sunglasses aren’t just for keeping your eyes comfortable on a sunny day; they provide valuable UV protection to the eyes, reducing damage caused by the sun.

Ideally, you should wear sunglasses any time you’re outdoors during the daytime. UV rays can penetrate through the clouds. They are present in the summer and in the winter. Children need sunglasses too.

Regular sunglasses use can reduce your risk for these common eye problems:

  • Cataracts
  • Eye growths and cancers

 Which Sunglasses Are Best for Protecting My Eyes?

Choosing sunglasses can be difficult if you don’t know what protections are needed. This guide from the American Academy of Ophthalmologycan help you navigate the many options available. The most important feature to look for is the ability of the sunglasses to block UV light. Ideally, your sunglasses should block 99-100% of UV light. This is generally mentioned on the packaging. Sunglasses don’t have to be expensive to be effective.

I Wear Glasses. What Are My Options for Sun Protection?

Sun protection can be difficult when you wear glasses. One of the best options is to explore LASIK surgery. Many patients no longer need glasses after LASIK and can wear any sunglasses they choose. Other options include prescription sunglasses, clip on sun protection, and larger sunglasses, designed for use over glasses.

LASIK Surgery and Sunglasses- Do I Still Need Sunglasses After LASIK?

LASIK surgery can dramatically improve your vision by reshaping the eye. The surgery is an effective vision correction solution, but doesn’t provide sun protection. Right after surgery, you’ll need to wear sunglasses any time you’re outside. This protects the eyes while they heal from surgery. Once you’ve healed, keep up the sunglasses habit to protect your eyes and reduce your risk of sun damage to the eyes. Everyone, LASIK or not, should be wearing sunglasses.

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