Steps to Prepare for Laser Eye Surgery

Are you seriously considering laser eye surgery for clear vision without glasses or contacts, but don’t know where to start? Dr. Brian Will, board-certified ophthalmologist at Will Vision & Laser Centers, is here to help with some steps to take before undergoing eye surgery.

Step 1: Consult with Your Eye Surgeon

Not sure which laser vision procedure is best for you? Need to know how much time, if any, you will need to take off of work in order to recover? Wondering just how clear you can expect your vision to be after surgery? These and other questions will be answered at your pre-surgery consultation. During this time, your eye surgeon will also discuss your medical background with you, including whether you have any diseases (eye or otherwise) and whether you are on any medication. He will then walk you through the procedure, explaining what to expect during each step. This is also the time where he will give you post-operative instructions to ensure that the short downtime you experience is as comfortable as possible. Remember, this is also your time to ask any questions you may have about your procedure and what to expect before, during and afterwards.

Step 2: Stop Wearing Your Contact Lenses

Depending on which type of vision correction procedure you will be undergoing, and which type of contacts you wear (soft or hard), your eye surgeon will typically ask you to stop wearing contacts for two or more weeks before surgery. Since contact lenses can distort the shape of the cornea, you will need to go without wearing them for a while so that your cornea returns to its normal shape. This will allow the eye surgeon to take accurate measurements of your eyes, which will then be used to plan your surgery.

Step 3: Don’t Wear Cosmetics or Face Creams

Your eyes (and face) will need to be as clean as possible during surgery. This is why most eye surgeons will tell you to refrain from wearing cosmetics, lotions, creams and any other topical products on your face starting the day before surgery and including the day of surgery. To ensure that your eyes are clean for surgery, use artificial tears to flush the eyes out, and be sure to clean all makeup and debris from your eyelashes.

Step 4: Take Time off Work and Arrange for a Ride after Surgery

Though your downtime is minimal after any laser eye surgery, you typically need at least a day, if not two or three (depending on the type of procedure), in order to fully recover. This will require that you ask your doctor how many days they recommend that you take off of work, and then asking for those days off of work. And since you will not be able to drive immediately after surgery, it is important to arrange in advance for a family member or friend to drive you home from the eye center, as your vision will be blurry.

If you’re ready to schedule your LASIK, LASEK or PRK surgery, come in for a complimentary consultation with Dr. Will. He will help you determine which procedure suits your individual vision needs and answer your questions about surgery. To schedule your consultation, contact Will Vision & Laser Center today by calling (877) 542-EYES (3937).