Resetting Your Eye Health During Dry January

Many of us enjoy ourselves with friends, family, and coworkers during the holidays as we gather at parties and get-togethers. And to spread the cheer, these events offer various libations of wine, spiked eggnog, or favorite cocktails. Unfortunately, it’s a time when our culture makes it a bit easy to overdo it, leading many to take part in dry January, a time in which we cut down on alcohol consumption to give our bodies a much-needed break.

Spending the first month of the year alcohol-free is a healthy choice that can positively impact your cholesterol, blood pressure, and vital organs. Studies indicate that most participants of dry January saved money, slept better, and lost weight.

Effects on Your Eye Health

It is widely known that excessive alcohol consumption can wreak havoc on the liver. Few take to mind that heavy drinking can impact the eyes as well. When you abstain from alcohol for January, you’re not only looking after your bank account and waistline but your vision as well.

Reducing your alcohol intake—or abstaining altogether—reduces the risk of age-related macular degeneration and developing cataracts. Both eye conditions are linked closely to alcohol consumption and other lifestyle habits.

Taking a break from the alcohol will reduce blurry vision from being intoxicated. Drinking slows down the communication from your brain to your eyes, which can weaken eye-muscle coordination.

Reducing your alcohol intake will also help your body stay hydrated. Alcohol is a diuretic that taps the body of water, leading to eye irritation, eye infection, and dry eye syndrome.

Eye Health After One Month

There are many positives for participating in dry January. Within 24 hours of no alcohol, blood sugar levels will normalize, and any related vision impairment will be resolved. After a week, any problems with dry eye will be improved because of your body staying hydrated.

After two weeks, your eyes will begin to clear because the broken blood vessels in the retina will diminish. And once the month is complete, you will feel anew.

Your body’s red blood cells will rejuvenate, resulting in better blood flow and more oxygen to your organs. Your improved circulation will also help you maintain good eye health as they receive vital nutrients and frequent oxygen to prevent damage and disease.

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