Reasons to Consider LASIK in the Fall and Winter

Life without glasses is as amazing as you imagine it might be. Waking up to clear numbers on the alarm clock is just the start. Our LASIK patients love being free to run, jump, and swim without the hassle of corrective lenses. They can choose the sunglasses they want, from $5 discount store shades to fancy designer frames. They enjoy increased comfort, better vision, and long-lasting results. If this sounds like a dream come true, come into Will Vision and Laser Centers this fall and winter to learn about your options for refractive surgery.

The Benefits of Fall and Winter LASIK

As one of the top LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest, Dr. Will and the staff at Will Vision and Laser Centers perform LASIK, PRK, and other vision enhancing procedures year-round. In our opinion, any season is a great season for LASIK, but fall and winter do offer patients some unique benefits.

Minimize Spring Allergy Frustrations

For many of our contact lens-wearing patients, spring allergies make life miserable. Allergens can become trapped on the eye by the lenses, causing itchy, dry, red, uncomfortable eyes. With fall or winter LASIK, you’ll be ready to smell the flowers come spring, without the extra itch that contacts can cause for patients with ocular allergies. Spring may months away, but it isn’t too soon to start preparing.

Gift Yourself LASIK this Holiday Season

What tops your holiday wish list this year? If you’re all stocked on sweaters and ornaments, ask for something different this year. LASIK is a wonderful way to treat yourself during the holiday season. Friends and family can contribute financially to your procedure in lieu of a gift or you can gift yourself the procedure. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been naughty or nice, everyone deserves their best possible vision.

Use Up Remaining HSA or FSA Benefits

If you’ve still got money left in your HSA or FSA, it is time to start cashing in. LASIK is a covered procedure in many plans and is a great way to finish up using any remaining funds. Remember, FSA funds are often use it or lose it. Make sure you’re getting the most value for your benefits by using all available funds every single year.

Use the Holidays to Recover

Recovery after LASIK is quick and easy for most patients. Plan on missing 1-2 days of work and minimizing screen time for a week or two. If you’re short on time, LASIK is always a possibility, but we’ve found that extra recovery time can make for an easier, more enjoyable experience. Take advantage of the holidays this year. If you schedule your treatment right before a work break, you can have extra time for recovery, without taking extra days off.

Start the New Year with New Vision

We love the fresh start that a new year provides and always strive to start each new year off right. We can’t think of a better way to start 2019 than with clear vision and no glasses. Come in for LASIK this fall or winter and you’ll be ready to greet the new year with new and improved vision. We can see it now, 2019 is going to be great!

If you’re thinking about LASIK and want to learn more, give us a call at 877-542-3937 to schedule a LASIK consultation at our Vancouver, WA or Salem, OR office. We’re scheduling LASIK and PRK procedures for fall and winter now!