LASIK for Your Career: Professions That Require Amazing Vision

Is your vision keeping you from the career of your dreams? Many people aren’t born with perfect vision, but we don’t think that should ever hold you back. With LASIK surgery many patients can get the vision needed to be successful in almost any career, even those requiring near-perfect vision.

Careers That Require Excellent Vision

Good vision is always beneficial, but in some jobs, it is critical. Excellent vision is a requirement for many careers and a huge benefit in countless others. We’ve created a list of some of our favorite careers that require good vision, although this list certainly isn’t exhaustive. Could your career benefit from better vision?

  • Airline Pilot- Perfect vision is a must if you want to obtain the needed medical certificates to fly a plane. Glasses or contacts do meet the requirements, provided they can correct your vision to 20/20, but many pilots choose to have LASIK surgery for the convenience.
  • Military- There are vision standards required for enlisting in the military. Specific careers within the military often have additional requirements, including vision requirements. Although glasses and contacts may be used in some cases, LASIK correction has many benefits for members of the armed services. Glasses and contacts can make it difficult to meet the strict lifestyle and fitness requirements of military service. Even more importantly, in times of combat, they can be inconvenient, and potentially dangerous.
  • Air Traffic Controller– To keep the skies safe, air traffic controllers need excellent vision. The FAA has strict vision requirements for licensure and employment in this field. LASIK allows many air traffic controllers to perform their daily tasks without the need for glasses and contacts.
  • Firefighter- Vision requirements for firefighters vary by location, but good vision is essential in this important field. Wearing glasses can make it more difficult to use some equipment and your lenses may get fogged up or dirty in fire situations. Contact lens users may be bothered by the smoke more than those without glasses.
  • Police Officer- Police officers rely on their vision to effectively keep our cities safe. Vision requirements vary, but many officers opt for LASIK for convenient vision correction, no matter the situation.

And don’t forget about those careers where good vision isn’t a requirement but can be essential for easily and comfortably performing job tasks. These professions greatly benefit from 20/20 vision:

  • Visual Artist/Designer– Artists use their eyes to create art. If you work in a visual profession, good vision can be an important aid to your career.
  • Athlete– Sports can be difficult when using glasses and contacts. Many professional athletes choose LASIK to ensure that they can see clearly during important races, games, and events. High level amateur athletes, and even casual sports enthusiasts, also benefit from LASIK.
  • Swimming Instructor/Lifeguard– Water and contacts don’t mix. Contact lenses generally shouldn’t be worn when participating in water sports and activities. Swimming instructors and lifeguards may choose LASIK surgery for a more convenient employment experience. Good vision is a must for water safety!

What career doesn’t require vision? You use your eyes every single day and most careers can benefit from an improvement in vision. Could LASIK help you to achieve career success?

Better Vision with LASIK

Many of the careers above require perfect vision naturally, with glasses or contacts, or through LASIK correction. This 20/20 vision can often be achieved using glasses or contacts, but not always. LASIK often provides better vision correction than can be achieved using glasses and contacts. Dr. Will is a highly experienced refractive surgeon that uses the best technologies available. This enables him to achieve the best results. Many patients achieve 20/20 vision and some experience even better results like 20/15 vision.

LASIK’s benefits don’t end there. There are many other reasons to choose LASIK surgery including:

  • No more inconvenience from glasses or contacts
  • See clearly when you wake up
  • Long lasting results
  • Financial savings in the long run

LASIK takes your vision to the next level, correcting refractive errors and eliminating the hassle of glasses and contacts. With precision results we can perfect the shape of the eye and improve vision dramatically. If you rely on your vision at work or at play, learn more about LASIK.

Choosing Your LASIK Provider

When your job depends on your eyes, you can’t afford to make mistakes. Unfortunately, quality varies largely amongst LASIK providers. For the best results and most effective LASIK technology, choose Dr. Will and Will Vision and Laser Centers for your procedure. We are top LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest.

If you weren’t born with perfect vision, create it. Come into Will Vision and Laser Centers to enhance your vision with LASIK surgery today. Your career could depend on it!