Outdoor Adventures Made Easier with LASIK

During the summer, we love spending time outdoors in the Pacific Northwest. Summers here are magical with gorgeous weather, lush foliage, and abounding outdoor options. We hope that you enjoy summers here as much as we do, but if you’re still wearing glasses or contacts, you’re missing out on some of the summer fun our area offers. Learn how LASIK can make your outdoor adventures easier.

How LASIK Improves Your Vision

You’ve heard of LASIK, but do you know how it works? LASIK, short for laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis, is a type of eye surgery that reshapes the cornea. Ideally, the front of the eye is rounded. This allows images to enter the eye and reflect properly on the lens. Unfortunately, not everyone has a rounded eye. In many patients the front of the eye is elongated. This can lead to vision problems like nearsightedness or farsightedness.

LASIK works by reshaping the eye. We start the procedure by creating a tissue flap over the cornea. This flap is pulled back, and a laser reshapes the eye. The flap is repositioned, and recovery begins. LASIK treatments are quick, usually 15 minutes or less. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we perform bladeless LASIK, which means that the entire procedure is performed using different types of lasers rather than surgical blades.

Most patients are back to work and other activities in a day or two. Vision improves quickly, and results are long lasting after LASIK surgery.

How LASIK Can Benefit You During Outdoor Activities

There are many reasons to consider LASIK surgery, but during the summer one of our favorite benefits from the procedure is easier outdoor fun. What are your favorite outdoor activities? Will LASIK make it easier for you to enjoy them?


Whether you’re planning a short stroll through Forest Park or a three-day backpacking excursion across the Cascades, LASIK makes hiking easier. When you’re heading out for a hike, you need to pack light, and bringing along both regular glasses and sunglasses can weigh you down. With LASIK you can grab an inexpensive pair of shades and enjoy the outdoors without the extra weight or worry that accompanies prescription glasses.

Water Skiing

Water skiing in the Columbia and Willamette rivers is a favorite summer activity for many of our patients. Watersports and vision correction don’t mix. You shouldn’t wear contact lenses in the water due to the potential for eye infections. Lakes, rivers, and even tap water can contain Acanthamoeba, a type of amoeba that can cause vision loss.

With LASIK you can enjoy water skiing, wakeboarding, jet skiing, and windsurfing without the hassle of glasses or contacts.


Water is everywhere in the Pacific Northwest and boating is a great way to fill a weekend with relaxation and fun. Whether you’re fishing for salmon, lounging in the sun on the deck of a houseboat, or sailing toward the San Juan Islands, you won’t miss your glasses or contacts. Feel the sea spray on your face, not all over your glasses!

Trail Running or Mountain Biking

Hit the trail. Running or riding your bike over rugged mountain terrain can jostle even the sturdiest of glasses. Sweaty lenses and slipping frames can make it hard to enjoy these popular activities. Patients report that they are better able to participate in their favorite activities after LASIK surgery.


Pitch your tent or pull your trailer. We don’t care whether you love camping or glamping, we just want you to enjoy the great outdoors. Sleep under the stars and actually see them!

Why Choose Will Vision and Laser Centers for Your LASIK Procedure

If you’re thinking about LASIK surgery in the Pacific Northwest, come see us at Will Vision and Laser Centers. Our offices are conveniently located in Vancouver, WA, and Salem, OR. We serve patients across the region from cities like Portland, Albany, and Corvallis.

Why should you choose us for your LASIK procedure? We offer:

  • An Experienced Refractive Surgeon- Will has performed more than 65,000 laser refractive procedures.
  • The Best Technology- We have an unwavering commitment to providing our patients with the best. This means the best LASIK technologies based on peer-reviewed data are the only technologies we offer in our practice. Better technology means better results and better vision.
  • Superior Care- We are here for you! Our staff boasts more than 60 years of combined laser vision correction experience. Dr. Will performs all pre-surgical examinations.
  • Patient Education- We understand LASIK, but we want you to understand it too. We will provide you with information about your options. Make an informed choice about your procedure. We welcome questions!
  • Affordability- Clear vision is priceless. LASIK will require an initial upfront investment, but most of our patients find their results are well-worth the price. We offer one-price LASIK. You’ll pay just one set price for all your pre and post-operative care as well as the procedure itself. Financing options are available if needed.

Let’s make this summer your best one yet by helping you to get outdoors. Enjoy all the Pacific Northwest has to offer.