Need to Use Your FSA Funds? LASIK Is an Authorized Expense

As the year comes to a close, it’s time to use up any remaining funds in your Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Depending on your employer’s rules, once the end of the year hits, you could lose some of the money stored in your account. If you’ve got money left over and you wear glasses or contacts, come explore LASIK surgery at Will Vision & Laser Centers. LASIK is an FSA authorized expense and an easy way to use up remaining funds. Improve your vision and cash in your funds so you don’t lose valuable money when December 31st rolls around.

Reducing the Cost of LASIK Surgery Using Your FSA

If you have an FSA, you can use it to save big on your LASIK procedure. Pre-tax money is deposited into the account throughout the year and can be used to pay for authorized healthcare expenses. When you spend out of your FSA, you’re spending untaxed money. Depending on your tax bracket and the amount in your FSA, this can lead to substantial savings off the cost of your LASIK procedure. Pre-tax dollars go further than post-tax dollars.

If you don’t yet have an FSA, but are interested in LASIK surgery, talk with your employer and see if an FSA is available. If you sign up for an account during open enrollment this year, you can use your FSA funds for LASIK surgery as early as next year.

How Much Does LASIK Cost?

Laser eye surgery costs vary substantially, depending on the procedures needed and the facility where LASIK will be performed. Come see us for a personalized cost estimate of the procedure. High-quality LASIK is an investment. Many of our patients comment that they wish they’d had LASIK surgery sooner. Don’t wait to invest in your vision.

  • Average Cost of LASIK- The average cost of LASIK with a highly-experienced surgeon is about $4,000-$6,000 for both eyes. The average per eye charge is about $2,500. If you are being quoted fees that are substantially less than this, you are likely not receiving the most advanced technology or working with an experienced surgeon.
  • One Set Price– We charge one set price for your LASIK procedure, a price that covers all pre- and post-operative care. You’ll know exactly what you’re going to pay before your procedure.
  • Financing Options– We offer a variety of financing options including CareCredit. Explore your payment and financing options. LASIK is often more accessible than you may think. We offer payment plans and 0% financing.
  • Price Matching– We work hard to keep our costs low and our technology high. If you find any of our advanced vision solutions delivered through comparable modern technology at a lower price, we will gladly match that price.
  • Value of Clear Vision– Can you really place a value on clear vision? Imagine your life without glasses or contacts.

LASIK will require an initial investment, but over the course of a few years, the cost becomes much lower, especially considering that you’ll enjoy LASIK results for a lifetime.

Tips for Using FSA or HSA Funds for LASIK Surgery

Using your FSA to pay for LASIK surgery can save you a lot of money, but if you’ve unfamiliar with using FSA funds, you may need to do a little homework before your procedure. These tips will help you maximize your savings on LASIK surgery when using FSA funds.

  • Watch Enrollment Deadlines- Typically FSA sign-ups only happen once a year, often starting in October. Talk with your HR department to find out about enrollment deadlines and policy specifics.
  • Maximize Contributions– After coming in for a LASIK consultation, work with your employer to ensure that you maximize contributions to your FSA. Depending on the cost of your procedure and your contribution limits, you may not be able to pay for the entire procedure using FSA funds. We’ll work with you to maximize your savings.
  • Know How to Use FSA Funds– Different FSAs have different redemption options. Find out how to best pay for your procedure and how to file any necessary paperwork for reimbursement.
  • Don’t Let Funds Expire– If you don’t use your funds in time, they’ll expire. Most plans have a short grace period, allowing funds to be redeemed until mid-March of the following year.

Don’t Have an FSA? LASIK Is a Tax-Deductible Expense

If you don’t have an FSA, don’t fret. LASIK is a tax-deductible expense. In many cases, you’ll be able to deduct all or part of your LASIK expense when filing your taxes. Talk with your accountant to learn about using LASIK as a tax-deductible expense.

Do you need to use your FSA dollars? Call our offices to schedule your consultation with Dr. Will.