Monovision LASIK: Is It Right for You?

Monovision LASIK is a vision correction designed for patients who struggle to see near and far. For distance, it corrects the dominant eye. For near vision, it undercorrects the non-dominant eye. The outcome includes eliminating the need for reading glasses or contacts for distance. Still, many people in the Pacific Northwest are unaware that this type of correction is possible.

Board-certified ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Will is a renowned LASIK and refractive surgeon. He offers cutting-edge procedures and techniques to address his patients’ vision needs, with changes that provide lifelong benefits. Monovision LASIK is within your reach. Read on to learn how saying goodbye to corrective lenses can enhance your quality of life.


Typically around age 40, people find it harder to read fine print and see in dimly lit areas. This condition is presbyopia, and its signs include:

  • Enlarging the font size on your cellphone
  • Holding text at arm’s length to read it
  • Eye strain and headaches

Standard LASIK corrects for distance. So if you have this fixed and struggle with your near vision, you will continue needing reading glasses for fine print. But because Dr. Will offers monovision correction, you can see in the distance and also read what’s on the lunch special.

So, how do slight corrections to each eye result in optimal vision? It’s because your brain is a fascinating machine that can merge two images, giving you excellent vision far and near.

Who Is Eligible For Monovision LASIK?

You should be a suitable candidate for monovision LASIK if you:

  • Are 40 or older and need readers or bifocals
  • Can see reasonably well in the distance, but struggle with close-up vision
  • Wear progressive lenses

While not everyone is well-qualified for monovision LASIK, Dr. Will and his team use advanced methods to determine the ideal candidacy. During your consultation, we will discuss your available options for laser vision correction as you and Dr. Will will devise the optimal plan. Whether you decide on monovision, or traditional LASIK, we strive to make your vision goals a reality.

Can You Test-Drive Monovision LASIK?

If you aren’t sure whether this surgery is right for you, the good news is that you can simulate your vision correction before deciding on the procedure. If you want to test-drive monovision LASIK, Dr. Will can prescribe special contact lenses you will wear for two weeks to ensure this correction will benefit you.

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Monovision LASIK offers a novel solution for patients who struggle with seeing near and far.  It can restore everyday vision without bifocals, readers, or contact lenses. In addition, it delivers a permanent solution to your vision challenges and, in turn, improves your overall well-being.

Call or visit Will Vision and Laser Centers to learn more about monovision LASIK. We look forward to helping you enjoy a better quality of life!