Is Wavefront LASIK for Me?

In the past, LASIK surgery simply reshaped the surface of the eyes using guidance from the patient’s eyeglass prescriptions. That meant everyone with the same prescription for contact lenses or glasses got the same LASIK treatment. With the customized Wavefront technology, Dr. Will uses gold-standard, advanced equipment to create an individualized laser treatment for each eye.

The custom Wavefront Optimized LASIK takes only a few minutes after a few anesthetic drops in each eye. Next, Dr. Will performs a precise flap in each cornea exposing underlying tissue to correct vision. But how do you know if this is the right procedure for you?

What Wavefront LASIK Can Do

Wavefront-guided LASIK uses the iDesign platform to provide vision correction that is unparalleled in the industry. It first creates a precise 3D model of your unique eye structure and its distinctive optical characteristics. This pre-treatment mapping produces vital information that is the foundation for your surgical plan. It is five times more accurate than previous generations of Wavefront technology discovered at competing centers and at least 25 times more exact than contact lenses or glasses. It even measures sources of blurred vision that contacts or glasses cannot correct.

Combining these advantages provides patients at Will Vision and Laser Centers with excellent vision quality following their Wavefront-Guided LASIK procedure. Today, over 2,000 surgeons worldwide have included the bladeless LASIK method into their practices.



Wavefront LASIK Vs. Traditional LASIK Surgery

If you are considering under-correction of one eye to use for distant vision and use the other for near vision (monovision) to rid yourself of reading glasses or bifocals, you will need to undergo one of our other vision correction procedures, since Wavefront technology does not under-correct the eye.

Custom Wavefront LASIK is a high technology option but is not for every patient. Discuss Wavefront with Dr. Will, who will explore your specific options and make his recommendation based on several years of eye correction experience.

Any Reasons Why Wavefront LASIK May Not Be for Me?

There are instances in which Wavefront LASIK may not be preferable. These include when the patient has:

  • Thin corneas
  • Small pupil size
  • Too nearsighted
  • Too farsighted
  • Too much astigmatism

Once Dr. Will completes a thorough eye exam and Wavefront diagnostics, he will determine whether Wavefront LASIK is the best approach for you.

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