How to Compare Laser Eye Surgery Prices

If you’re considering laser eye surgery like LASIK, the cost will be a significant concern. It’s a considerable investment. Doing your homework is necessary to ensure the price is reasonable for your vision needs.

Prices vary from one surgery center to another, depending significantly on the eye surgeon’s skill, the technology employed, the condition of your vision, and more.

Advanced Technology Can Increase LASIK Cost

LASIK involves different technologies. You can expect a higher cost if you choose an advanced option over the traditional surgery. These procedures include Wavefront Guided Bladeless LASIK, Custom IntraLASIK, and Bladeless LASIK, to name a few.

Other Contributors to LASIK Cost

Some providers don’t provide post-procedure screening to avoid complications after surgery. It’s critical to determine if your surgeon will perform the correct tests, and, if so, whether your quoted price includes these screenings.

8 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Surgeon About Procedure Prices

When discussing the cost with your surgeon, ask:

  1. What does the cost estimate include?
  2. What line items will be on my final bill?
  3. May I have an itemized price quote to avoid surprises after surgery?
  4. Is this quote for one eye or two?
  5. What happens if there are complications?
  6. Will I need any prescriptions? If so, how much will those cost?
  7. What will be the cost of any devices or items I will need after surgery?
  8. What will you charge me for follow-up visits, and how many will I need?

When an eye center quotes one price for all procedures they offer, ask these questions:

  • Will my procedure use Wavefront-guided technology?
  • Will I have a laser-created flap?

Average Cost for State-of-the-Art LASIK

While it is impractical to define surgical quality solely based on cost, the information in this section should be helpful. Across the country, the price for advanced modern LASIK with a highly skilled surgeon ranges between $4,000 and $6,000 for both eyes. The cost average per eye is approximately $2,500. If your quote is considerably less than this range, in all likelihood, you’re not receiving the most advanced technology or a highly skilled surgeon. Any bilateral LASIK fee less than $3,000 probably means the surgery probably involves older or obsolete non-Wavefront technology, an older femtosecond laser model, or a microkeratome.

The Next Steps You Should Consider

Modern LASIK eye surgery value is highly compelling. Suppose you need help to afford the absolute best for two of your most vital organs, your eyes. In that case, you can take advantage of easy finance options that many patients select for the most advanced and safest procedure possible.

To help you live a life free of glasses and contacts, we have created these pages to describe what finance options we offer.

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