How to Choose the Best LASIK Eye Surgeon

When it comes to your eyes, don’t settle for anything less than the best. You only get one pair, and they need to last a lifetime.

We aren’t all born with 20/20 vision. If your eyesight is coming up short, improve your eyesight with LASIK surgery. Here’s how to find a top-notch surgeon for your procedure.

Master the Basics

How much do you know about LASIK surgery? As you search for a refractive surgeon, it can be helpful to have a basic understanding of the procedure you’re considering. A little knowledge provides a jumping-off point for questions and makes it easier to talk about the procedure during your consultation.

Where can you learn more about LASIK surgery? Our website is a good place to start. You’ll find in-depth information about many of the procedures we offer, including Wavefront-Guided Bladeless LASIK and PRK.

Narrow Your Choices

There are many practices offering LASIK in the Pacific Northwest, more than any patient could ever hope to visit. You can’t meet every refractive surgeon, so you’ll need to narrow the list.

  • Ask friends and family for a recommendation: Do you know anyone who has had LASIK recently? What was their experience like?
  • Read patient reviews: What are past patients saying?
  • Look for board certification: Board certification demonstrates an elite doctor’s commitment to mastering their field. Receiving this honor requires additional training, experience, and effort.

Make your list and check it twice. We recommend narrowing your choices for two or three qualified providers.

Schedule a Consultation

When you have a final few candidates for your LASIK surgeon, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Most LASIK practices allow patients to come in and meet with potential surgeons before surgery. You’ll learn more about LASIK, find out if you’re a candidate, and get pricing information.

If a doctor you’re considering doesn’t offer consultations, run in the other direction. Meeting with your surgeon before surgery is essential to a successful procedure. You’ll work closely with your doctor throughout prep, surgery, and recovery. You need someone you feel comfortable with and have confidence in.

Ask Lots of Questions

Do you have questions about LASIK surgery? Of course you do. It’s normal to have questions. As you prepare for your consultation, grab a pen and paper and start making a list. In the excitement of the consultation, it’s easy to forget your questions, so always write them down.

During your consultation, ask lots of question,s including:

  • How many surgeries like mine do you perform each year?
  • Am I a good candidate for LASIK?
  • What results can I expect?
  • What can I expect from recovery?
  • How long will my LASIK results last?
  • How can I prepare for surgery? Are there any medications I need to stop taking?

If your surgeon doesn’t take the time to answer each question, or doesn’t make you feel comfortable and well-respected, they may not be the right provider for your procedure.

Look at the Technology

Finally, look at the technology. In the past 30 years, LASIK has come a long way, but many practices still use older technology to cut costs.

  • Bladeless: Older LASIK technology uses a microkeratome to cut a flap in the outer eye. Bladeless technology creates this cut using a laser. Using a laser reduces the pressure on the eye, cuts down on patient discomfort, and provides a smoother cut and faster healing.
  • Wavefront imaging: Precise results come from precise information. Wavefront imaging carefully measures your eye and vision abnormalities to create your surgical plan. Do you want to trust your vision to, “Which looks better: one or two?”
  • Advanced IFS femtosecond laser: Newer lasers are fast and powerful. They provide surgeons with more control over the procedure and reduce many uncomfortable symptoms of LASIK surgery like dry eye. Choose a provider who uses a leading-edge laser for your procedure.

The best technology provides the best results. Don’t ever consider older technology to save a little money. Your eyes deserve the best.

Will Vision and Laser Centers is one of the top LASIK providers in the Pacific Northwest. Dr. Brian Will has pioneered many of the technologies currently used for laser vision surgery and is one of the top refractive surgeons in the area. Schedule your consultation with Dr. Will today.