Get Jet Set: Can LASIK Improve the Way You Travel?

See the world through your own eyes, not a pair of glasses or contacts. LASIK surgery can improve your natural vision by reshaping the cornea, often eliminating the need for corrective eyewear. Whether you’re a far-flung globetrotter or prefer to stay closer to home, LASIK can improve the way you travel. Call us at Will Vision and Laser Centers to schedule your LASIK consultation with one of the best refractive surgeons in the Pacific Northwest.

LASIK for Travelers

Every traveler is different, but there are some common traits that many share. LASIK surgery complements these traits and makes travel easier.

  • Adventurous- Many travelers love to seek adventure, participating in activities like swimming, surfing, skiing, skydiving, scuba diving, and hiking. Adventurous fun can be difficult with glasses and contacts. Contact lenses pop out and glasses frames slip. Some of these activities are difficult, if not impossible, when wearing corrective lenses. LASIK opens your world to more adventure, allowing you to try new things without the worry of vision complications.
  • Willing to Try New Things- Travelers see new people and new places on every trip. LASIK allows you to enjoy these experiences without worrying about your glasses or contacts. For many, LASIK is new and maybe a bit intimidating, but just like travel, you’ll soon discover joys and benefits you never expected.
  • Spontaneous- When fun arises, you don’t want to miss out. Travelers are often spontaneous, jumping at opportunities to try new experiences. With glasses and contacts, advance preparation is often needed before a trip to the pool or beach. With LASIK, you can dive in without worry.
  • Ready to Sacrifice for the Journey- Travel can mean long hours and longer journeys. LASIK makes it easy to tackle that 24-hour flight or to catch a few winks on the train, without worrying about losing your glasses or contact lenses. Travel is hard enough without messing with contact lenses.

Dirt, water, sweat, and rain won’t compromise your vision with LASIK surgery. It gives you one less thing to worry about so you can focus on the experience, not your dirty glasses.

Traveling After LASIK: How Long Do I Need to Wait?

When you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, sitting at home to recover from LASIK may seem impossible. The good news is, recovery times are short and you’ll be back on the road sooner than you might expect.

Here’s when you can resume your favorite travel-related activities after LASIK. Remember, recovery timelines vary. Wait to resume activities until you’re ready and cleared by your LASIK surgeon.

  • Driving- Many patients are ready to drive again the day after LASIK.
  • Flying- Air travel is not restricted after LASIK surgery. In fact, many of our patients fly into the Pacific Northwest for the opportunity to work with Dr. Will. The pressurized air in an airplane cabin can dry the eyes, so we recommend using eye drops more frequently while in the air. Dr. Will also asks patients to wait until after their next-day follow-up visit for air travel.
  • Swimming- There are some restrictions for swimming and water activities after LASIK. Avoid pools for 1-2 weeks and use googles for about a month. If you’re planning on going in non-chlorinated water, like a lake or ocean, wait at least 2 weeks. High-impact water sports will require more time, usually 3+ weeks, and the use of appropriate eye protection.

LASIK offers better vision with minimal downtime, both from work and from travel. It can transform your ability to see the world and discover new things. Call us to schedule your LASIK consultation at our Salem, OR or Vancouver, WA office.