Can LASIK Be Financed?

At Will Vision & Laser Centers, we believe in the power of laser vision correction. Undergoing surgery and achieving freedom from glasses or contact lenses is a life-changing experience. If you ask us, everyone should have access to the incredible benefits of LASIK surgery.

Part of making LASIK accessible to a diverse group of patients is offering financing options. LASIK financing enables qualified candidates to pay for their surgery over time through monthly payments, instead of paying the entire cost of surgery up-front, in a lump sum. We work primarily with a third-party organization called CareCredit, which is one of the best companies in healthcare financing. Because we refer a high patient volume to CareCredit, the company has set up wonderful terms for us.

Through CareCredit, we are able to offer LASIK financing for 24 monthly payments, with 0-percent interest. The monthly payments work out to about $175 per month. There are no pre-payment penalties or consequences if you pay off your surgery in less than 24 months.

Paying for your LASIK surgery through CareCredit could not be easier!

How to Apply for CareCredit Financing

Applying for LASIK financing through CareCredit is simple and straightforward. The online application process takes about five minutes to complete (it does involve a credit check). You will receive an answer to your application almost instantly.

Putting a Price on Clear Vision

It’s difficult to assign a value to a life free of glasses or contact lenses. How much is clear vision worth? Could you even put a price on it?

Perhaps not, but you can think about the costs associated with your current vision prescription. Think about the continual costs of new glasses, contact lenses and cleaning solution. Now, imagine that you invest in LASIK and no longer have to pay for these visual aids. That alone makes LASIK a worthy proposition!

For more information about your LASIK financing options, please call or email Will Vision & Laser Centers today. You can reach our Vancouver office at (877) 542-EYES (3937), our Beaverton office at (877) 542-3937 or our Salem office at (877) 542-3937.