Can I Get LASIK if I Have an Astigmatism?

Have you been told that LASIK isn’t possible because of an astigmatism or other vision problem? If you’ve been turned down for LASIK by another refractive surgeon, come see us at Will Vision. We use leading edge technology to provide LASIK to many patients who thought corrective visionsurgery was impossible. Astigmatism, extreme nearsightedness or farsightedness, and presbyopia can all be corrected by LASIK and other corrective techniques.

What Is an Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a big word, but its meaning is relatively simple. If your eye isn’t perfectly round, you have an astigmatism. The eye should be shaped like a basketball, but with an astigmatism, it is shaped more like a football. It is very common and most eyes have some degree of this optical condition. The good news is, it is very treatable.
When a patient has an astigmatism, light is often focused on different optical planes. This can cause blurry vision. Patients with astigmatism often experience blurriness both near and far. It is often found in patients with nearsightedness or farsightedness, compounding the vision difficulties.

Am I a Good Candidate for LASIK?

Do you wear glasses or contacts? If so, you’re likely a good candidate for refractive surgery. With the many advances in vision surgery, most everyone can enjoy total freedom from glasses, reading glasses, and contact lenses. If you use corrective lenses, we can probably help you.
You may be a good candidate for vision correction surgery if:
• You Want to See Better- Many patients enjoy vision improvement equal to or greater than the correction they received with corrective lenses.
• You Are Tired of Glasses and Contacts- Ditch those glasses! Many of our patients no longer need glasses or contacts after vision correction surgery.
Stop wondering if you’re a good candidate for LASIK and get answers. By scheduling a free comprehensive consultation with Dr. Will, you can learn about your options. We’ll work together to create a solution that meets your unique needs. LASIK may not be your best option, but we offer many treatments and we’ll find the right fit for you.
Whatever your vision problems, come see us. With our advanced laser treatments, most patients can lose the glasses and discover better sight.