Broke College Student? How to Afford 20/20 Vision

For many of our patients, LASIK offers lifelong results, improving vision for decades after the initial treatment. Don’t wait until your 30s or 40s to enjoy life without glasses. We can perform this procedure on adults of any age, including college-age patients. Poor college student? Don’t worry, we’re sharing our best tips for affording LASIK surgery on a budget. After all, we understand that tuition, housing, and fees are already a lot to handle.

Better vision is priceless, but it is still an investment. We want all of our patients to enjoy the benefits of better vision. The tips in this guide will make LASIK more affordable and achievable for many of our patients.

How Much Does LASIK Really Cost?

Price ranges for LASIK surgery are all over the board, but remember, quality isn’t always the same. At Will Vision & Laser Centers, we offer state-of-the-art LASIK, using the most advanced technologies and a skilled and experienced refractive surgeon for each procedure. This improves safety and outcomes for our patients. As you examine LASIK pricing, make sure you’re comparing apples with apples, by only comparing LASIK providers that use an experienced surgeon and the latest technologies.

In the Pacific Northwest, the price range for this type of LASIK is between $4000-$6000, an average of about $2500 per eye. Quotes that are significantly less than this likely aren’t using the best technologies or an experienced surgeon. Don’t try to save a few dollars and compromise your vision in the process. Your specific vision needs will affect the final price of your procedure.

Top Ways to Pay for LASIK Surgery

There are many different ways to pay for LASIK Surgery. Many of our patients use their savings or put the procedure on a credit card. Other options include:

  • HSA or FSA- If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) or Flexible Spending Account (FSA), LASIK is often a covered expense. These accounts allow you to pay for the procedure using pre-tax funds, offering a significant discount on your out-of-pocket costs.
  • Tax Refunds- Tax time is a busy time at Will Vision & Laser Centers because so many of our patients use their refunds to pay for the procedure.
  • Financing- You don’t have to have cash in hand to get LASIK. Financing options are available. We offer 0% financing plans and low monthly payments to our patients. No money down and almost anyone can qualify!

Investing in Better Vision

LASIK provides value in two different ways. First, after surgery, you’ll likely spend less on glasses and contacts. On average, a contact lens wearer will spend about $10,000 in their lifetime on hardware and supplies. After LASIK, many of our patients no longer require glasses or contacts. These savings are easy to calculate.

LASIK also provides a quality of life improvement. In our opinion, this is the biggest value of the procedure, although much harder to put a dollar value on. LASIK frees many of our patients from glasses and contacts, providing better vision than they had before. LASIK makes sports and outdoor activities easier, makes it possible to see immediately upon waking up, and provides more freedom when choosing sunglasses.

Invest in yourself and in your vision. The sooner you do it, the more value you’ll get from your procedure.

Better vision awaits! Contact us at 877-542-3937 to schedule a free consultation at our Vancouver, WA or Salem, OR offices. You don’t have to be rich to afford 20/20 vision.