10 Ways LASIK Surgery Can Improve Your Quality of Life

Close your eyes for a minute and imagine a life free from glasses or contacts. Odds are, if you wear glasses, you’ve imagined this very thing hundreds of times. At Will Vision and Laser Centers, we create clear vision for our patients throughout the Pacific Northwest, turning LASIK dreams into reality. Clear vision is just the start. After your procedure, you may be surprised by the many ways that LASIK can improve your quality of life.

Today we’re sharing ten ways that LASIK changes lives for the better. This list is long but is in no way exhaustive. What unexpected benefits will you discover after your laser vision correction?

See the Numbers on Your Alarm Clock at Night

Even something as simple as knowing the time in the middle of the night is more difficult when you rely on glasses and contacts for vision correction. LASIK makes it possible to roll over, look at the clock, and fall right back asleep, no late-night fumbling needed.

Easily Participate in Water Activities

Water and contacts don’t mix. Contact lenses can be dangerous when swimming or participating in other water sports activities. Glasses and water can be a real pain. Our patients love being able to fully enjoy swimming, water skiing, wakeboarding, surfing, and all the other water activities that were once a challenge.

Get Active

Living an active lifestyle can feel impossible when you’re struggling to see clearly. LASIK gives our patients the freedom to climb mountains, play basketball, dance boldly, lift weights, run marathons, and so much more. Live the active lifestyle you’ve always to live, without slipping glasses or contacts that pop out unexpectedly.

Save Money

LASIK is an investment, but it is one that pays off in time. You’ll save money when you no longer need to buy glasses, contacts, contact lens solution, etc. And who can put a price tag on clear vision? We think it’s priceless.

Enjoy Rainy Weather

We experience all four seasons here in the Pacific Northwest, and with LASIK, you can actually enjoy them. No more foggy glasses on a cold winter day or rain-spattered spectacles. Rain, sun, or snow, enjoy the weather!

Travel with Ease

LASIK makes jet setting easier. Catch some ZZZs on the plane or pack light without worrying about contact cases and cleaning supplies. With LASIK, there are no worries about broken glasses overseas or lost contact lenses. See the world with crystal clear vision after your refractive surgery procedure.

Enjoy Cheap Sunglasses

Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures that bring a lot of joy. While we love designer shades, there’s something special about an inexpensive bargain pair. No worries about losing them, breaking them, or replacing them. When your shades don’t have to be prescription, you can wear what you like.

Get Ready in Minutes

Speed up that morning routine. Cleaning glasses and putting in contacts takes precious time, and on a busy morning, every second counts. LASIK can cut down your get ready time, and your wind down time at night too.

Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Contact lenses have been known to increase allergy symptoms, especially eye allergy symptoms. If you suffer from seasonal allergies, LASIK can provide must needed relief during allergy season.

Achieve Your Best Possible Vision

Using the most advanced technologies available, Dr. Will is often able to achieve better vision correction using LASIK than is possible with glasses or contacts. Many of our patients enjoy 20/20 vision after their procedures and some experience even better results. Glasses and contacts can help you achieve good vision, while LASIK can create great vision.

Live your best life with LASIK surgery. Call Will Vision and Laser Centers at 877-542-3937 to schedule your consultation at our Salem, OR or Vancouver, WA location.